Simple Solutions Board Games

first_imgCheckersGaming in the assistive technology community can tend to focus more on adapting  the high-tech, more expensive video gaming systems, but sometimes individuals with disabilities want the opportunity to participate in the old fashioned, family-friendly board games. Luckily, Maxi Aids, a company that sells products for independent living, has met this need. Maxis Aids board games are designed to aid those who may be   blind, have low vision, or are hard of hearing and deaf. Some of these games include:Braille and Low Vision MonopolySuper Scrabble Deluxe for Low VisionDeluxe Braille ScrabbleConnect Four TactileCheckersChessSudoku Braille GameLow Vision Po-Ke-No Board GameTactile BackgammonTextured DominoesJumbo DominoesTic-Tac-ToeBrainteasersBlokus Strategy GameThis is a short list of all the games that Maxis Aids has made available. For others and for more information about Maxis Aids, Click Here to visit their website.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedFun Holiday Braille and Low Vision GamesDecember 19, 2012In “Products and Devices”Playing Around with Accessible GamesDecember 25, 2009In “Products and Devices”8 more accessible gift ideas for those who are blindFebruary 1, 2017In “Products and Devices”last_img read more

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