Theres a Hidden Message Inside of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

first_imgStay on target The Nintendo Switch comes bundled with the (now iconic) Joy-con controllers. For the most part, these controllers get the job done. However, traditional gamers will no doubt want to pick up a Switch Pro controller in order to play on Nintendo’s latest console/handheld. The Pro controller is a bit on the pricey side, but it does have a fun message hidden on it that will make buyers feel appreciated.The Pro controller has translucent plastic, meaning that you can see some of its innards. Despite being transparent, Nintendo managed to hide a message on the controller. This message was discovered by Reddit user Tropiux who posted pictures of what he found under the controller’s right analog stick (thanks, Kotaku). The message reads as: “thnx2 allgamefans” (Thanks to all game fans).switchのproコンの右スティック周りの透明な部分から見える奥の方に「thx2 allgamefans!」(すべてのゲームファンに感謝!)て書いてある…#nintendoswitch— じお@ゴードン・フリーマン (@geo_stream) March 3, 2017I have a Pro controller myself and can verify that it has the same message on it. Considering how I dropped $70 for this bad boy, this (literal) small gesture is most definitely appreciated. Though I knew exactly where to look, it was still hard to find the message. Even if you have good lighting in your room or are using a flashlight, you have to move the controller around a little bit before you can read the message clearly. Or maybe I just need glasses. Who knows?This isn’t the first time Nintendo has done something like this. The NES Classic Mini also has a hidden message that was discovered by hackers. It says: “This is the Hanafuda Captain speaking. Launching emulation in 3…2…1. Many efforts, tears and countless hours have been put into this jewel. So, please keep this place tidied up and don’t break everything! Cheers, the Hanafuda Captain.” The Hanafuda name is an homage to the hanafuda cards that Nintendo used to sell before becoming a video game company.Thanks, Nintendo! ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President last_img read more

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