The Specter of Savitar Dulls a Fun New Metahuman on The Flash

first_imgNothing could possibly top last week’s musical spectacular in terms of fun, but did we have to dive right back into the Savitar stuff? The episode gets off to a promising start by introducing a new metahuman for The Flash to deal with this week. Two security guards in a lab on the brink of closing down find that an eccentric man has broken in. He appears to be interested in a large glass case. Just as the guards are about to shoot him, he teleports into the case, which appears to be bulletproof. Holding a strange disc, he switches places with the guards, trapping them inside the case, which is now rapidly filling with water? Who could this be?Barry is still riding high off the musical he just experienced. He and Iris tell Joe and Cecile exactly how their re-engagement went down, including the whole singing thing. Everybody just accepts that that’s something Barry Allen does. I buy it. The trouble starts when Cecile invites them all out to a performance of Hamilton. Man, even fictional characters get to see this show before I will. The problem is the show happens in early July when Iris is supposed to die.That scene is a great representation of everything wrong with this episode. Something that should be fun is ruined by Savitar and Iris’s impending death. We have an exciting new metahuman for Flash to fight, but the show spends more time on what he knows about Savitar. Barry and Joe are called to investigate the crime scene from the beginning, but Barry’s alerted to a robbery in progress at another lab in town. He runs to the scene and meets the new metahuman, who reveals himself to be from the future. He knows who Barry is, who Savitar is, and he knows that Iris will die. Gypsy appears, and the two heroes try to take the new meta down, but he disappears in a swirling mass of playing cards.Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Jessica Camacho as Gypsy (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW)Gypsy reveals the metahuman to be Abra Kadabra, a time and interdimensional traveler from far in the future. He uses technology from all different universes to make it look like he’s doing magic. He also killed Gypsy’s partner, which makes all of Cisco’s awkward flirting even more inappropriate. The Flash can capture him when he tries to rob S.T.A.R. Labs, but he offers the team a deal: They let him go, he gives up Savitar’s identity. As the team spends time feeling conflicted about what to do, Joe opens Kadabra’s cell, points a gun at him and demands Savitar’s identity. When Gypsy interrupts the hold up to ask what Joe thinks he’s doing, Kadabra disappears. He steals an orb from the secret future newspaper room and escapes by making a small grenade appear in his hand. Everyone escapes unscathed except Caitlin, who has a metal rod sticking out of her stomach.Not wanting to turn into Killer Frost for her healing powers, she stays awake while walking Julian through the surgery. What follows is a cringe-inducing, but effective scene in which Julian painfully pulls out every piece of shrapnel and stitches her up. Thankfully, Caitlin lives. Before the celebrations can go on too long, Gypsy reveals she’s figured out why Kadabra’s been stealing all the tech. He’s building a time machine to go back to the future.Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, Candice Patton as Iris West, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Tom Felton as Julian Albert (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW)The Flash and Gypsy agree to work together to bring Kadabra down. Cisco detects the wormhole his machine creates, and Barry and Wally chase him down. We get an exciting, prolonged race between Abra Kadabra, Flash and Kid Flash, with Gypsy and Vibe helping out. The Flash catches up with Kadabra’s time machine and pulls him out just before it goes through the wormhole. As Gypsy cuffs him, he taunts Team Flash that he’ll never reveal Savitar’s identity. That’s O.K. because Barry has a plan. Since all his troubles are caused by enemies from the future, he’s going to run to the future and learn what they know.At least the episode ends with something interesting. As Caitlin recovers from her surgery, she begins having a seizure. To save her life, Julian rips off her necklace. She instantly heals but gets up from her bed as Killer Frost.This episode had hints of what made us love The Flash in the first place, but they were all drowned out by the overly dark Savitar plot. That would be fine if it actually accomplished anything, but all it did was set up the episode that will. The Flash has a ton of fantastic, colorful adversaries, and the best episodes are the ones that show them off. The metahuman-of-the-week episodes where Barry has to figure out how to beat an unexplainable new foe are so much fun. And this week’s episode had hints of that. David Dastmalchian’s performance is hammy and deliciously evil. Barry even gets a few good quips in during the brief fight scenes. It feels like it’s going to be a classic Flash episode until they capture Kadabra early on and it becomes about Savitar. Again.The most disappointing thing was we didn’t even learn anything new. The Flash is on hiatus for the next month, and it went out with a whimper. No big reveals, not even an impressive battle. Just an episode that could have easily been so much better. All we have to keep us coming back next month is the promise of time travel and Killer Frost. Which are pretty good reasons to keep watching. Got me again, Flash.last_img read more

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