Many of us think rain is good thing but recent do

first_imgMany of us think rain is good thing, but recent downpours have created the ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.Mosquitoes aren’t just pesky nuisances; they also carry deadly diseases like the Zika virus and malaria.The World Health Organization says 216 million people were infected with malaria in 2016 alone – killing 445,000.“We are in this time of year, it’s only going to get worse and it did come on fast,” Tuscaloosa County Extension Agent Neal Hargle said.Hargle is talking about what southerners call “mosquito season.” Heavy rainstorms like the county has been experiencing lately create areas of standing, stagnant water, the ideal breeding ground for the buzzing, biting pests.“They do have to have that standing water,” Hargle said. “If they don’t have standing water, they can’t lay their eggs.”Common places for standing water are yards, and things left in them that collect water.“Sanitation is huge,” Hargle said. “If you have a child’s toy that’s outside or you have some kind of water container that’s outside that’s not supposed to be there holding water. Old tires are bad about holding water. Keep those things dumped out. Keep those things clean and tipped over where they can’t hold water.”Other than ridding those areas of the water, there are also all kinds of sprays, treatments and other products residents can use to alleviate the problem. Hargle said it is important to take action against the pests because they can multiply rapidly.“The biggest thing is have a routine, have a system in place,” he said. “We are going to have mosquitoes at least until September, October, maybe even into November. So they’ll be around a while. Let’s enjoy the outdoors. Take care of ourselves, our children and our pets.”last_img read more

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