Pico C Brewer Brings You Closer to the Dream of Owning a

first_img Fiber-Based Six-Pack Can Rings Offer Eco-Friendly Alternative to PlasticEven More Kellogg’s Cereal Gets Re-Born as Craft Beer Stay on target Brewing with the Pico C really is very similar to making coffee (or cola) with a Keurig. There are a few more steps involved, but it’s all quite simple. Pop in one of Pico’s brewing kits, pour in water, brew, add yeast and let it do its thing, then transfer it to the supplied keg to finish.A feature-packed app lets you keep tabs on the brewing process, and you can kick up the ABV or hoppiness with the turn of a dial. Where Pico’s brewing system stands out is its “brew pods.”They’re more like baskets, really, but the concept is the same. Each PicoPak contains everything you need to brew a beer (minus the water). And these aren’t just Pico’s takes on the craft beers you already enjoy. They’re actual craft beers from breweries like Rogue and Harlem Brewing.They do offer up their own recipes, too, and you can also create a fully customized PicoPak if you’re feeling adventurous. You are locked into using PicoPaks to brew… so you’ll have to look for another system if you were hoping to be able to take a more DIY route with a high-tech brewing appliance.center_img High-tech homebrewing systems have come a long way in the last couple of years. Owning your very own Keurig for beer isn’t a just fantasy anymore. It’s a reality thanks to the crew at PicoBrew.You might remember reading about PicoBrew before. They’ve successfully crowdfunded a couple of different gadgets that were designed to simplify the homebrewing process. In 2013 they launched Zymatic, which some lucky backers scored for $1299.Two years ago they came back with the more diminutive Pico, and the managed to drop the entry-level price to $499. Now they’ve slashed prices again. Their new Pico C countertop brewing system went as low as $279.Even if you miss out on the two early bird options, you’ll still only have to pledge $329 to snag a Pico C. That’s what the current Keurig Kold is selling for on Amazon, and it just makes boring old soft drinks.last_img read more

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