GameStop cloud PCconsole gaming service enters testing

first_imgGameStop announced today that its cloud gaming service has entered closed testing and is expected to enter public beta this year.The service, which rivals similar offerings from start-ups OnLive and Gaikai, allows PC, PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 games to stream from a data center to a remote client using one box and one common controller, regardless of the system for which the game was originally developed. GameStop president Tony Bartel said today that the beta service is live and streaming games from a data center in Austin, Texas.The game retailer is working with publishers to make their portfolios of games available on demand to dedicated hardware and other platforms including smartphones. GameStop is developing the service through its subsidiary Spawn Labs, which the company acquired in April of this year. Spawn Labs originally created a device for home use, the Spawn Box, that worked like a Slingbox for game consoles. Since then, the company has shifted into streaming gaming from central data centers.The service will eventually roll out internationally. GameStop’s UK arm told European gaming site Eurogamer that an EU launch is “in the plans.”The move is the latest in GameStop’s evolving strategy of embracing digital content. At the same time that it acquired Spawn Labs, the retail giant also bought Impulse, a Steam-like digital distribution store for PC games.GameStop’s service is currently scheduled to enter public beta before the end of 2011 and fully launch in mid-2012.via Eurogamerlast_img read more

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