24-HOUR DEADLINE: PRO-6 imposes one-strike policy on stray bullet cases

first_img“This one-strike policy on straybullet incidents caused by indiscriminate firing of guns resulting to death orinjury will be strictly implemented,” said Police Lieutenant Colonel JoemMalong, PRO-6 spokesperson. ILOILO City – Should there be cases ofinjuries or deaths due to stray bullets this holiday season, these should besolved within 24 hours, the Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6) told police unitsacross Western Visayas. Failure to crack the cases within such period wouldcost the posts of the police chiefs concerned. The PRO-6 is wary of the irresponsiblepractice of gun owners of firing their firearms to celebrate Christmas andwelcoming the New Year. The policy is contained in thePaskuhan 2019 Operational Guidelines issued by the Philippine National Policeon Nov. 22, 2019. Brigadier General Rene Pamuspusan,PRO-6 director, said, “We really need to inform our general public that thereis again a need to control the use of firearms and there is such a program forthem to reach out and surrender their firearms, especially those who stilldon’t have complete documents.” But of particular concern to the PRO-6are those keeping illegal guns (not registered or homemade), according to thePRO-6 spokesperson. Lieutenant General Camilo PancratiusCascolan, Philippine National Police’s deputy chief for operations,acknowledged the effort of the PRO-6 in this campaign. It also revealed that police unitsacross the region were able to confiscate a total of 564 loose firearms in fivemonths from July 1 to Nov. 19. The PRO-6’s goal is to achieve zerostray bullet incidents this holiday season. Malong said two long-standingprograms having this goal are the police campaign against loose firearms andthe setting up of checkpoints where cops stop people and check them out.center_img “These are more than 500 (seized loosefirearms), an initiative of the PRO-6. Most of them are from law enforcementoperations. Some were surrendered by local government units because of the lackof licenses, or by individuals who still have no permit for the said firearms,”Cascolan said. Police chiefs must devise ways toconvince gun holders not to fire their guns, she stressed. The regional police’ data showed thatfrom July to October 2019, 425 crimes were committed with the use of firearms./PN Police Lieutenant Colonel Joem Malong, spokesperson of the PRO-6. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN During the holiday season last year,the PRO-6 recorded no stray bullet incidents. Malong said this was due to themassive campaign against loose firearms and the drive encouraging responsibleownership of guns. “The police chief would be relievedfrom his post if the case is not solved within 24 hours,” Malong said. Just last month, the PRO-6 relaunchedthe “Tokhang Kontra Guinadilian nga Pusil (TKGP)” in Camp Delgado here.last_img

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