Sumner County Sheriff weekly jail bookings: June 20-27, 2016

first_imgPhillips, Joseph M.18Clearwater, KS200 W. 4th, Belle Plaine, KSBPPDDriving under influence, Possession of Opiates, Use/possess drug  paraphernalia6/25/16 Nasworthy, Kelsey N.24Oxford, KS1693 E. 80th St., Oxford, KSSUSOIgnition interlock device/Failure to yield;Interference with LEO; Attempted driving while license cancelled6/20/16 Goldring, Steven D49Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSGSOAggravated Buglary; Theft of property6/24/16 Grayson, Cleveland Jr.47Wichita, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOServing Sentence6/20/16 Black, Alfred L. Jr.40Wellington, KS501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOProbation Violation6/21/16 Childers, Rusty L.37Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSGSOFailure to Appear6/24/16 Ledbetter, Darien S.22Wellington, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOServing Sentence6/22/16 Schoen, Cody J.34Wichita, KSEl Dorado Prison, El Dorado, KSSUSOProbation Violation6/22/16 Matthews, Aaron W.27Mulvane, KS1467 N. Easy Rd., Mulvane, KSSUSOCriminal Threat; Crim damage to property6/21/16 Holt, William L.32Wichita, KS1-35 MP 25.7, Wellington, KSKHPCriminal Damage to Property; Battery6/21/16 Johnston, James D.66Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSGSOFailure to Appear6/22/16 White, Roger W.30Arkansas City, KSRadio Ln and 8th St., Arkansas City, KSMPDFailure to Appear6/22/16 Spaulding, Robert A.24Wichita, KSS 1-35 MM16, Wellington, KSKHPDriving while license cancelled6/21/16 Mabrey, Ryan P,40Neosho, MO300 Block of W US160, Wellington, KSKHPProbation Violation6/26/16 Rapier, Stephen L.67Peck, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOTheft of property; Deceptive commercial practice6/22/16 Cook, Rachel E.26Wellington, KS1030 W. College St., Wellington, KSWPDDomestic Battery6/22/16 Villarreal, Zion42Kearney, NBS 1-35 MM 5, South Haven, KSKHPDriving under influence, Operate4 a motor vehicle without valid license6/25/16 Stewart, Caleb D.28Wellington, KS2022 E. 16th, Wellington, KSWPDCriminal Trespass6/26/16 Slack, Keith E.48Wellington, KS129 S. Glendale Rd, Wellington, KSSUSOBattery6/23/16 Garmon, Lindsey A.31Wellington, KS2022 E. 16th, Wellington, KSWPDTheft6/20/16         Rivas, Gabriel Jr.35Wichita, KSSedgwick County JailSUSOProbation Violation6/23/16 NAMEAGEHOMETOWNLOCATION OF ARRESTAGENCYCHARGESARREST DATE Deluna, Alexia19Fort Worth, TXI-35 MP 10KHPFailure to Appear6/23/16 Mejia, Jose R.29Belle Plaine, KS419 N. Logan, Belle Plaine, KSBPPDRape; Sexual intercourse with physically powerless victim; Eavesdropping; Install/use concealed camcorder without consent6/22/16 Herbst, Ruston W.48Enid, OK401 S. Main, Argonia, KSSUSOFailure to Appear6/24/16 Asbury, Christopher A22Wellington, KS501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOProbation Violation6/21/16 Sumner Newscow report — The Sumner County Sheriff Office report for June 20 to June 27, 2016 weekly jail bookings are as follows: Pettegrew, Tanya41Arkansas City, KS501 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOServing Sentence6/24/16 Chappell, Charles V.33Wellington, KS918 N. Washington, Wellington, KSSUSOProbation Violation6/24/16 Banister, Monty J.18Wellington, KS800 E. 90th, Belle Plaine, KSSUSODriving while license cancelled6/25/16 Smithson, Ryan J.40Augusta, KSHutchinson, Correctional FacilitySUSOFailure to Appear6/22/16 Chisholm, Kylee J.23Wellington, KS102 W. Apple Blossom, Wellington, KSWPDFailure to Appear6/24/16 Gurley, Aaron T.28Wellington, KS224 S. Jefferson, Wellington, KSWPDFailure to Appear6/25/16 Cook, Ashton L.24Wichita, KSChase County JailSUSOProbation Violation6/23/16 Tran, Hoa V.53Wichita, KS400 Blk. W. Main, Oxford, KSOxford PDViolate Protection Order6/26/16 Monday 0600  to  Monday 0600  WEEKLY   BOOKINGS 6/20/2016 thru 6/27/2016  Harrison, Evan C.19Wichita, KS1300 K15, Mulvane, KSSUSODriving while license cancelled; Failure to appear; Probation Violation6/23/16 Jackson, Joseph S.37Wellington, KS610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KSSUSOServing Sentence6/25/16 Davis, Isaac L.24Anthony, KS100 W. US HWY, Wellington, KSSUSODriving While Suspended6/26/16 Follow us on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter.last_img

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