Thriving at Home: Aiding Your Post-Surgical Recovery

first_imgFacebook19Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Sarah Lane for FirstLight HomeCare Two years ago, my husband had surgery to repair an abdominal injury.  These days, most elective procedures, as well as many medically necessitated ones, are either done as out-patient procedures or patients are sent home after very short hospital stays.Following his surgery, there was no way my husband could take care of himself after returning home.  For nearly a week, he was confined to bed and needed assistance with all basic needs.  Preparing food, changing clothes, showering, physical therapy – he simply could not have done any of these activities on his own.Fortunately for us, I was able to take a few days off from my job to help assist his recovery.  Since we both grew up here in Olympia, we had many family members close by who were also willing and able to help.Caregivers can help with not only basic needs at home, but assist with transportation to and from rehabilitation and physical therapy appointments as well as performing exercises at home to gain strength.But many aren’t fortunate enough to have a strong support system nearby.  FirstLight often receives calls from frantic sons and daughters who live out of town, away from their aging parents who need emergency surgery or were hit with an unexpected illness.  Others are adults who live alone and are just returning home from surgery. They have become overwhelmed by all the responsibilities, are having a difficult time recovering, or realize they could use some help in order to recuperate more rapidly.That’s where home care can be a huge help.  FirstLight HomeCare’s experienced caregivers provide the personal care required to help you or your loved one recover quickly to the healthy and active lifestyle you enjoyed before surgery.  The assistance our caregivers provide also greatly reduces the risk of complications like infections or re-injury that require a return to the hospital.After Medically-Necessitated SurgeryWhenever surgery is performed, there are logistics in getting to and from the hospital, picking up prescriptions and transportation for post-operative visits. There is also the recovery time at home when you or your loved one shouldn’t be alone, shouldn’t lift or shouldn’t drive. Plus, don’t forget all the discharge instructions that must be followed meticulously to help speed recovery. The first 24 hours after the day of surgery can be critical, and our trained caregivers can provide the support you need to reduce your stress.For older adults recovering from a heart attack or stroke, recovery time may be more prolonged. The simple truth is that hospitals want to discharge patients as soon as possible, whether or not they are ready to go home, but our caregivers can be right there helping with daily needs. We can also keep family informed while coordinating the post-surgical care plan with doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists or other healthcare professionals involved.After Orthopedic SurgeryFirstLight HomeCare’s trained caregivers can help when you return home after surgery with limited mobility and needing assistance with even the smallest basic needs.As hip and knee replacements become more common, so too does the concern about sending patients home when they have limited mobility. Safety is a big issue with knee replacement post-operative care or hip replacement post-operative care. Our caregivers are experienced in helping people bathe and dress, grocery shop, prepare meals, do laundry and more. The goal of FirstLight HomeCare is to reduce stress and discomfort during a time that is already stressful and potentially painful.After Eye SurgeryWhether it’s LASIK, cataract or other eye surgery, patients need to relax afterwards with their eyes closed. They can’t read, drive or lift heavy objects anywhere from days to weeks. They need to follow a very strict regime with eye drops and eye medications to prevent infections and post-operative complications.  Our trusted caregivers can give you or your loved one the attention you need to help expedite your recovery with our cataract post-operative care program.Recovering from surgery or an illness is fraught with anxiety and challenges. At FirstLight HomeCare we’re here to make the recovery time as quick and painless as possible. We have extremely flexible home care plans that are hourly, short-term or long-term.Sarah LaneWe’re there for as little or as long as you or your loved one need us, because your health and well-being is most important.Sarah Lane is a certified Home Care Aide and owner of FirstLight HomeCare — South Sound.  To learn more about home care, respite care, dementia care, or any of the non-medical home care services offered by FirstLight HomeCare, give Sarah a call at 360-489-1621 or go to

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