Guardiola asks to end the EFL Cup: “Players suffer”

first_imgGuardiola’s planning: “We have to start the season later after the summer. We have one game a week for a long time and then we start having two or three a week. We have two games in two weeks and then 72 in one. It’s a bit strange”.Injuries: “With this amount of games, the players fall apart. I’m not surprised. I’m very sorry for Kane and Rashford. The authorities should reflect on it, but all the managers complained and don’t care. Rest of only two or three days, again and again. Players suffer. “Fatigue: “The clubs want to do well. They have a lot of pressure to win or qualify for the Champions League and we push and push. The body says enough is enough.”Example in your template: “Sterling has played more than 3,000 minutes. His performance continues to be quite similar. He may not have scored in recent games, but there is no doubt with him.” English football clubs are loaded with Christmas games and the month of January for the existence of two drinks and the increase of the Premier’s days in festivities. For years, in fact, the failure of British teams in Europe has been attributed to fatigue from their own competition system. Now, Pep Guardiola has dared to publicly ask the regulators of the king sport in England the disappearance of the EFL Cup: “Eliminate this competition. People can live without football for a while. It’s too much.”End to the League Cup: “Eliminate this competition. So there will be fewer games, fewer competitions, less teams, more quality and less quantity. People can live without football for a while. This is too much.”last_img

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