How Old Is This Germ?

first_imgRip Van Microbe has awakened after 120,000 years, said Live Science without batting an eye.  That’s strange; human observation only goes back 1/12 of that time max.  The bacterium came out of its suspended animation and grew as if nothing had happened.  “Such vigor is partially due to the microbe’s small size, the scientists speculate,” the article said.  “Tiny microbes like this one can also hide more easily from predators and take up residence among ice crystals and in the thin liquid film on those surfaces.”No scientist would have “speculated” such a thing before.  This could just as easily have falsified the belief that the Greenland location was as old as claimed, but no— evolutionary dating must survive all empirical challenges.  Let’s see if we have a law of nature that has been discovered.  If longevity is inversely proportional to size, flies should outlive humans.  Wrong.  If longevity is a function of ability to hide more easily from predators, gophers should outlive humans.  Wrong.  It seems the only law of nature we have discovered is that Darwinians are incorrigible storytellers.(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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