Cell Division Involves “Vast Array of Molecules and Processes”

first_imgScientists continue to probe the roles of individual proteins in the symphony of molecules involved in cell division.  An article on Science Daily discussed work at Rockefeller University to understand one such protein named PRC1 that acts as a kind of molecular foreman for spindle orientation.  The opening paragraph is the notable part: Just before a cell divides into two – the basic act of reproducing life – the cellular environment must be exquisitely prepared.  The exact timing and localization of the vast array of molecules and processes involved in duplicating chromosomes and separating the offspring from the parent is one of the basic wonders of biology and is at the core of both healthy living and diseases such as cancer, which arise when the process goes awry.The article made no mention of evolution, except to hint that it hasn’t occurred with PRC1: “Scientists have known that PRC1, for ‘Protein Regular [sic; Regulator] of Cytokines 1,’ is required in yeast, plants and humans for linking together the polymers that make up spindles, called microtubules, in a specific orientation.”Looks like it will be a great year for intelligent design science, now that the fogma has been clearing from the Darwin Bicentennial for a year now.(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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