The Money Fight: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, highlights

first_imgHello and welcome to our Live Coverage of The Money Fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in Las Vegas. (Watch Highlights – IST: Floyd Mayweather surpasses the legendary Rocky Marciano’s with a career record of 50-0.”He’s a lot better than I thought he was.” #Mayweather on #McGregor #MayweatherMcGregor UFC (@ufc) August 27, 2017″I thought it was close. He’s very composed. Fair play to @FloydMayweather.” #ConorMcGregor @TheNotoriousMMA #MayweatherMcGregor UFC (@ufc) August 27, 201710.30 IST: Floyd Mayweather says this is his last fight.50-0. #MayweatherMcGregor SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) August 27, 201710.24 IST: THAT’S IT! Floyd beats Conor in 10 rounds by technical knockout to win the Fight of the Millennium. Mayweather stretches his career record to 50-0.#MayweatherMcGregor competitive bout so far but @FloydMayweather landing more power shots SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) August 27, 2017FIGHT’S OVER!! ?????? @FloydMayweather improves to 50-0 by TKO! #MayweatherMcGregor- SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) August 27, 201710.21 IST: Conor is starting to lose his legs now, he is completely exhausted. Floyd’s fight now10.15 IST: Eight rounds have gone by and now Mayweather is starting to assert himself in this match. McGregor clearly looks tired as he is not used to fighting for such a long time in Mixed Martial Arts.10.12 IST: Floyd is now clearly the aggressor and looks to be enjoying himself after Round 7Seeing a different #FloydMayweather in this fight #MayweatherMcGregor SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) August 27, 201710.09 IST: Mayweather is pressing McGregor in Round 6. The MMA fighter is now looking a bit exhaustedadvertisement10.03 IST: Mayweather gets McGregor with a left hook in the fifth round!10.01 IST: Floyd has started to attack Conor now in the fourth round. Floyd is going for body shotsSo…#Mayweather seems OK… Stadium (@WatchStadium) August 27, 20179.57 IST: End of three rounds and clearly it seems McGregor is leading Mayweather on points [email protected] on the attack and looking like he belongs in there #MayweatherMcGregor- SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) August 27, 20179.54 IST: McGregor is still on the attack but how long can he sustain this relentless attack on Mayweather is the big question. McGregor is using his height to full effect right now9.52 IST: Conor is most likely leading in the points right now against Floyd after two roundsMcGregor 2-0 Mayweather #McGregorMayweather- Frank Buglioni (@FrankBuglioni) August 27, 20179.47 IST: McGregor is taller than Mayweather so he has the advantage of a bigger reach. Final 30 seconds of the first round and it looks even at the moment.9.45 IST: There goes the bell for hte first round. McGregor has Mayweather cornered immediately9.40 IST: Mayweather and McGregor are being introduced in the ring. McGregor will be the first to be introduced followed by MayweatherHERE COMES #CONORMCGREGOR!!!! #MayweatherMcGregor UFC (@ufc) August 27, [email protected] is back for 50. #MayweatherMcGregor SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) August 27, 20179.30 IST: The national anthems of Scotland and America are being sung right now after which both the fighters will make their way to the ring.LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO!!!#MayweatherMcGregor #FloydMayweather #ConorMcGregor UFC (@ufc) August 27, 20179.25 IST: Mayweather’s fighting style is solely based on defence. He makes his opponent miss and then he capitalizes on the mistakes and fights back. He will be applying the same tactics against McGregor, who is known to be aggressive but it might work against him in this fight. Conor though, is a very powerful fighter and has a heavy punch which he will be banking on against Floyd.GLOVES. ARE. ON.#MayweatherMcGregor #ConorMcGregor UFC (@ufc) August 27, 20179.18 IST: The main event is coming up next!9.18 IST: McGregor getting ready to the big [email protected] Dana White (@danawhite) August 27, 20179.12 IST: Gervonta Davis is declared the winner by knockout. Francisco Fonseca fell to the floor in Round 8.The IBF Super Featherweight title though, remains vacant as Davis had failed to make weight in the 130lb division.9.10 IST: Look who’s in the house!We’ve got @MikeTyson, @OzzyOsbourne, and @KingJames in the house! #MayweatherMcGregor ?? T-Mobile Arena (@TMobileArena) August 27, 20179.03 IST: At the moment Gervonta Davis is fighting Francisco Fonseca for the IBF Super Featherweight title. Round 7 is on right now.9.02 IST: “May the best man win,” says Dwayne ‘The Rock’ JohnsonPleasure doing this VO for our big fight tonight. Let’s get after it boys. May the best man win. #MayweatherVMcGregor @TheNotoriousMMA @UFC Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) August 27, 20179.00 IST: “Thank you everyone in Las Vegas and everyone at home who ordered PPV. Thank you,” is Mayweather’s messageThank you everyone in Las Vegas and everyone at home who ordered PPV. Thank you @SHOsports and my team @MayweatherPromo. Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) August 27, 20178.59 IST: “I do not care about his records or achievements. It’s man vs man,” McGregor said just a few moments ago.”I do not care about his records or achievements. It’s man vs man.” @TheNotoriousMMA #MayweatherMcGregor #ConorMcGregor UFC (@ufc) August 27, 20178.57 IST: Once again let me remind you the Floyd Mayweather has a 49-0 record in professional boxing while Conor McGregor has a 21-3 record in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)8.50 IST: McGregor looks calm but god only knows how he is feeling inside. This is easily the biggest fight of his [email protected] looking fresh backstage for #MayweatherMcGregorWATCH: SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) August 27, 20178.47 IST: The T-Mobile Arena is starting to fill up slowly but surely. LeBron James, Mike Tyson, Ozzy Osbourne are just some of the big names in attendance today.NBA Superstar Lebron James out here supporting #MayweatherMcGregor MayweatherPromotions (@MayweatherPromo) August 27, 20178.44 IST: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, The Money Fight: When and Where to watch8.40 IST: The Notorious is in the building and here is his first entrance at the T-Mobile [email protected] has arrived for #MayweatherMcGregor!WATCH NOW: SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) August 27, 20178.35 IST: McGregor has promised to put Mayweather on the ring floor by the fourth round. Will he live up to his promise?A beautiful skull and a beautiful belt to add to my collection of skulls and belts. Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) August 24, 20178.25 IST: We are just a few minutes away from the Fight of the Millennium at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas where Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather will take on Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor. The fight is guaranteed to be a blockbuster as the undefeated boxer Brief Preview:Conor McGregor has been kept pretty much under wraps ever since his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. was announced, emerging occasionally to trash Mayweather only to disappear again behind the closed doors of the UFC training center.It’s not by accident. The biggest selling point of the spectacle that is Saturday night’s 154-pound fight is the unknown.Is McGregor good enough to land a big punch on Mayweather? Did he acquire enough boxing skills in just a few short months to make what should be a lopsided fight competitive?Inquiring minds want to know, and there are enough of them to make this the most watched fight in history. Some 50 million people in the U.S. alone are expected to gather with friends and family to see it all unfold.McGregor weighed in at 153 pounds Friday to 149 1/2 for Mayweather. A crowd that nearly filled the T-Mobile arena – many waving Irish flags – cheered loudly for McGregor while booing Mayweather.advertisementMcGregor’s fan base is driving this fight, united in their fervent hope that the Irish UFC champion can muscle Mayweather around the ring and deliver knockout punches to his head. Sports books in this gambling city have taken so many longshot wagers on McGregor winning by a knockout early that they will suffer their worst loss ever should it actually happen.For the flamboyant McGregor the fight is a chance to make money he couldn’t dream of in the UFC and gain a fan base outside of mixed martial arts. Estimates vary, but he could take home $100 million for a challenge of Mayweather that seemed improbable when he first started talking about it two years ago.He’s got youth on his side (he’s 29 and Mayweather is 40), and he’ll probably go in the ring much heavier than Mayweather after rehydrating following Friday’s weigh-in. He’s also got a reputation as a big puncher and the prevailing wisdom is he’ll try to maul Mayweather much like Marcos Maidana did in their 2014 fight.Other than that, everything favours Mayweather.He’s unbeaten in 49 fights as a pro and has a chance to pass Rocky Marciano on the perfect record list with win No. 50. Not only has he beaten every fighter put in front of him but he’s found ways to deal with big punchers like Miguel Cotto, Diego Corrales and Canelo Alvarez.He’s also a pure boxer with an innate ability to adapt to any fighter put in front of him.The fight is expected to match or surpass the 4.6 million pay-per-views sold for Mayweather’s 2015 fight with Manny Pacquiao at $99.95 a household. Industry observers say people across the country will use the telecast as an excuse to party in tense times and 10 people could watch each pay-per-view.Tickets in the arena haven’t done nearly as well, largely because promoters wildly overestimated what people would pay to watch in person. Ringside seats were $10,000 and nosebleed tickets started at $2,500, though prices have been dropping rapidly as the fight approaches.last_img

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