New Returning Officers Appointed

first_imgDevelopment of a new and accurate “made in Nova Scotia” voters’list has begun with the recent appointment of seven new returningofficers. The officers will fill vacancies that have existed forsome time. This is the first step in overcoming problems with the voters’list used in the last provincial general election. That listrelied heavily on the federal voters’ list for information. Therewas no provincial enumeration. Nova Scotia’s chief electoral officer, Christine McCulloch, saidtoday, April 4, the role of returning officers must change. “It is no longer a 30-day job that starts when the writ isdropped,” she said. “It now involves more ongoing andcomprehensive responsibility if we are to have a current andaccurate permanent list.” A 2004 report by the Nova Scotia Election Commission on problemsin the 2003 provincial election concluded that a permanentprovincial list of voters is a critical component in an effectiveelectoral process. “We want to make the whole electoral process in Nova Scotia mucheasier for voters of all ages,” said Ms. McCulloch. “This willrequire time and some public education and that’s why we needthese returning officers in place right now. Additional officerswill be appointed soon to help us get on with this importantwork.”last_img

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