Boarding school children dominate world of work because theyre not in front

Rather than spending hours each day commuting to and from school, boarders can pass the time doing “lovely things”. “Contextual recruitment basically says when you’re looking at someone’s grades who’s applied for a job … look at them in the context of the school they went to. You can easily do this, there’s software to help you as a company,”  Ms Greening told a social mobility conference in New York. “So if you get three Bs from Eton, you’re probably not as impressive as somebody who gets three Bs from the school in a part of the country where the school [wasn’t] doing well.”Research showed disadvantaged applicants were 50 per cent more likely to be hired after contextual recruitment than otherwise, Ms Greening added, according to the TES magazine. Justine Greening quit the cabinet in January after clashing with Theresa May Mr Reader’s comments come after the former Education Secretary said that companies should discriminate against job applicants from Eton because their grades are “not as impressive” as those achieved by candidates from struggling state schools.Justine Greening,  who quit the cabinet in January after clashing with Theresa May over a review into university tuition fees and support for grammar schools, said that applying “contextual recruitment” was a far better predictor of potential than grades alone. Justine Greening quit the cabinet in January after clashing with Theresa MayCredit:Geoff Pugh He said that many boarding schools restrict social media either through controlling WiFi or limiting the apps that pupils can use.Mr Reader told how his school has banned all mobile phones for pupils aged 13 to 14 as they are “not mature enough” for the technology.“We use to get an incident a week of something unpleasant for that age group but now we’ve had nothing,” he said. “We restrict alcohol and cigarettes as a society because they are addictive so why not restrict something as addictive as a mobile phone.” He says boarding school children spend less time “hunched” over a computer or television at home Mr Reader said that another benefit of a boarding school education is the “real face-to-face, social time” rather than pupils at day schools who are used to “virtual socializing” after school and at weekends. Boarding school children dominate the world of work because they do not spend time in their bedrooms in front of screens, a leading headmaster has said.Rather than spending hours “hunched” over a computer or television at home, boarding school pupils can spend their time pursuing their passions, according to Martin Reader, headmaster of the £37,000-a-year Cranleigh School in Surrey.Addressing headteachers at the Boarding School Association’s annual conference in Brighton on Tuesday, he said: “When people question why our schools dominate the nations’ sports, creative and performing arts, the professions and politics, it is because they have had time to do those things and time with experts to coach them.“Why sit in a car or on a train or a bus for 45 minutes twice a day, or in a bedroom by yourself hunched over homework or a screen?  “You could be spending those hours rehearsing for a play, having a band practice, spending more time mastering your musical instrument or your goal shooting technique, spending more hours perfecting that painting, debating or discussing politics or science or history – whatever is your passion.” Mr Reader, who is chair of the BSA, said that while social mobility is important, businesses must be left to “make their own decisions” about who they hire and this should not be “dictated” by MPs. “It is not for Government to tell businesses who is the right person for them at the end of the day,” he said. He says boarding school children spend less time “hunched” over a computer or television at homeCredit:Barry Diomede/Alamy Stock Photo He said that he expects sixth-formers to spend 15 hours per week on extra study outside of lessons, as well as extra curricular activities.

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