GIW outlines new apex hydrocyclone replacement kit

first_imgGIW in its most recent Flowsheet newsletter has described its “unique, patented Hydrocyclone Apex Replacement Kits, which it says “reduce downtime to mere minutes while giving longer service life and fewer unplanned outages.” Hydrocyclones separate particles in a slurry based on particle size or density, for example, in grinding circuits, hydrocyclones are used to classify particles for recirculation. The hydrocyclone apex sees the highest level of wear because it experiences the highest concentration of fast-moving coarse solids. This part is often the first to require maintenance because the interior of the apex can crack after repeated impacts from oversized material. Apex damage can throw your operations off balance, increasing grinding costs while decreasing recovery.GIW’s patented replacement apex design can be fitted into existing equipment in minutes with no modifications and standard maintenance tools. GIW apex kits apex use one clamp with two bolts as opposed to competitor’s four to ten nuts, bolts, and washers to attach the lower cone and apex to the body of the cyclone. The compay states: “No liners, glue, or gaskets are needed with GIW apex kits. The patented GIW urethane/ceramic replacement parts are manufactured to be a lighter weight than traditional steel housings, making service safe, quick, and simple. If a traditional ceramic apex cracks, it will usually fall out of the cyclone, resulting in severe damage to the apex housing and adjacent liners. GIW’s ceramic is bonded to a resilient urethane backing, so if it cracks, it won’t separate from the liner. Urethane encapsulation ensures the ceramic will give full life even when cracks occur.”The company states that by installing a GIW apex kit, a mine is saving time because of the simple installation procedure, ease of maintenance, and durability, as well as decreasing the frequency and severity of service outages. GIW replacement parts can be installed on any existing cyclone without modifications. GIW says its replacement parts cost 25-50% less than a standard ceramic apex and have a significantly longer service life. GIW’s proprietary RBSiC material, used in the replacement apex and lower cone, resists wear better than aluminum oxide, nitride bonded silicon carbide, and reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramics.last_img

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