Coming soon to a Kindle near you magazine subscriptions

first_imgApple‘s iPad has not necessarily been as big of a success for Cupertino as an e-reader as they hoped: the ubiquitous Amazon Kindle platform has steadily trounced iBooks. One exception, though, is when it comes to magazines. The Kindle platform does really well with plain text, since it’s easy to reformat that on the fly for any device capable of running the Kindle software, whether that’s the iPad, an Android phone, a Kindle e-reader or a PC running the Kindle application. The same can’t be said for magazines, though, which are thriving on the iPad as App Store purchases. They can count on every iPad having the exact same screen dimensions and interface. Not so Kindle.AdChoices广告Still, Amazon’s at least trying to change all that by enticing magazine publishers to bring their rags to at least the Kindle series of e-readers. They’re trying to attract these publishers with the tasty 70/30 revenue split: if publishers want to start publishing their magazines for the Kindle, they’ll give 70% of the money directly back. The only drawbacks? Amazon requires all versions of the periodical to work across every Kindle e-reader yet made, in all geographical regions where the publishers has the rights to distribute. Not too onerous, but somehow I doubt it’ll bring publishers flocking to the Kindle: that black-and-white display is just too hard to port a full-color magazine over to. Maybe it’ll all come together with the Kindle Color?Read more at Amazonlast_img

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