Nexus 7 refresh dubbed Nexus 2 7inch starting at 229

first_imgMore evidence now suggests that we’re right around the corner from the release of Android 4.3, with a refresh to the Nexus 7 as the flagship device for this version.Google likes to have a shiny new piece of hardware to go with their version updates. Last year Google used the competitively prices Nexus 7 to simultaneously place focus on the 7-inch tablet market and to act as the standard bearer for the next version of Android. With all of the rumors surrounding a new Nexus 7 combined with the leaked Android 4.3 ROMs, it seemed likely that Google would use the much needed hardware refresh to introduce the next version of Android. With the suspected hardware bump in this new 7-inch tablet, one of the big questions was whether or not Google was going to be able to keep costs down. It looks like we have the answer to that question with a new leak that surfaced today.Android Central is currently reporting that the “Nexus 2” is the name being used by retailers to describe the next 7-inch tablet from Google, with a 16GB model starting at $229. Remember that there’s never been a Nexus 2, when Samsung decided that the follow up to the Nexus One would be the Nexus S so as not to be seen as a follow up to the HTC made handset. There’s a $269 model as well, for users who need 32GB of internal storage for their tablets, but outside of that there’s not a ton of information. The tablets are described as being Quad Core, which falls in line with the rumors that this next tablet would be running Qualcomm Snapdragon hardware under the hood.At the current pace of these leaks, it seems likely that this Nexus 2 will be available any day now. Given what we’ve seen regarding the features being made available in Android 4.3, it’s hard to tell if Google will go all out and have a large press event for the release or not. Many expected this announcement to happen at Google IO this year, but Google took that opportunity to instead announce the Google Play edition hardware.last_img

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