These MultiFlavored Potato Chips Arent Really RainbowColored

first_imgStay on target Looking at this colorful, rainbow bag of chips, you’d think the delicious potato snacks inside would be red, orange, yellow, blue, etc. in keeping with the theme of the bag. But alas that isn’t the case. These chips, native to discount Don Quijote stores in Japan, are only rainbow-colored on the outside. But that doesn’t keep them from being interesting and awesome on the inside, right?Don Quijote has had a special partnership with Japan’s biggest potato chip company, Calbee, ever since five years ago in 2013. The store has sold lots of different limited edition snacks like Butter shrimp crackers, Shrimp with Rich Mayonnaise chips, and Scallops with Soy Sauce. These Rainbow Potato Chips are the latest flavor, with a gorgeous bag and colorful advertisement, but plain-looking chips underneath it all.Luckily, the chips taste anything but plain, with a special broth with seven different ingredients, including shrimp, clams, oysters, scallops, shiitake mushrooms, kelp, and bonito. The “rainbow” of different colors gives the chips their unique flavor, so if you’re curious, that’s where the color part plays into things. According to Don Quijote and Calbee, it’s a flavor that “everyone” can enjoy, but personally I think it sounds pretty disgusting and fishy.AdChoices广告But you might not! I’m a bigger fan of the bag than I would be of the actual chips, but maybe that’s just how most people would be. I would have preferred a bunch of colorful chips like that strange Heinz ketchup that launched in colors like purple, blue, and green a while back. It tasted like ketchup (a little bit off, to be fair) but it was a lot more fun because it was colorful. That’s probably how these chips are, right? You have to get them only in Japan, or be lucky enough to nab them on eBay. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img How AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Uses American History to Delive…33 Killed in Suspected Arson Attack on Kyoto Animation Studio in Japan last_img

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