Mario in Unreal Engine 4 makes us want a Super Mario 64

first_imgEveryone has their favorite Mario game, and mine is Super Mario 64 on the N64. I didn’t enjoy Super Mario Sunshine anywhere near as much, and know I am in the minority when I say I really did not like the Super Mario Galaxy games. My perfect Mario game would be a re-imagining of Super Mario 64 on modern hardware using a mature game engine, and a modder looks to be making that come true, at least in demo form.YouTube user Aryoksini is clearly a big fan of Super Mario 64. Early last year he posted footage on YouTube of a Super Mario 64 remake using the Blender Game Engine. He’s also spent time implementing the animations Mario requires to run around and do his signature jumping moves. That work has paid off, as his latest project sees Mario injected into an Unreal Engine game, complete with a number of stunning locations.Mario does look out of place in some of these scenes, appearing far too simple for the environments he’s running and jumping through. But still, it shows what is possible for a modern Mario game using the same game mechanics of the classic Super Mario 64.Aryoksini used environment assets available from the Unreal Engine marketplace to create the scenes, combined them with his own Mario animations, and relied on the simple Unreal blueprints scripting system to get the demo working. It shows you just how mature modern game engines and their tools are that he could do this without any programming being required.Is an official Super Mario 64 remake ever likely to happen? I doubt it, but I can guarantee Nintendo a lot of positive feedback from fans if they ever did decide to re-imagine this game. I’d also point out that we’d pretty much given up on Final Fantasy VII ever being remade, so never say never.last_img

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