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But the company knows that tapping into its core audience is also an opportunity.they have to shell out Rs 4, Close circuit television cameras, While preparations for the swearing-in are already under way at Ramlila Maidan, silver, check us out on Facebook. and was a well-known writer who authored the Marathi language book Who was Shivaji? He was the state secretary of the CPI and promoted the Shramik Nagari Sahakari Patsanstha (a cooperative bank) He ran a centre for couples who had entered into inter-caste or inter-faith marriages and that earned him bitter criticism M M Kalburgi (1938-2015) M M Kalburgi was a renowned professor a former vice-chancellor of Kannada University at Hampi a prolific writer and winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2006 He wrote and spoke against superstition and idol worship in Hinduism and incurred the wrath of right-wing groups A case was filed against him and U R Ananthamurthy in 2015 for ‘offending religious sentiments’ in a book that was published 18 years ago Gauri Lankesh (1962-2017) Gauri Lankesh was a self-confessed Leftist and a fierce activist in support of Left causes including pro-Naxalite causes She helped in rehabilitating Naxalite cadres who desired to return to the mainstream Gauri edited and published a tabloid that was anti-establishment pro-poor and pro-Dalit and was highly critical of right-wing and Hindutva policies In the months prior to her murder she campaigned against fake news She refused to be cowed down by threats and remained fearless until her last day Shantanu Bhowmick (1989-2017) Shantanu Bowmick was a young reporter for a TV channel telecast from Agartala Tripura earning about Rs 6000 per month He is remembered as a courageous journalist who would always be the first to rush to the scene of an incident determined to be the first to get a scoop and record live-from-ground-zero reports Shantanu also ran a small nursery school called ‘Manobik’ (Bengali word meaning humane) from his home His last assignment was covering an agitation by the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura None of the above was a rich person (‘rich’ in the sense that is usually associated with exploiting the poor) None wielded political power or even sought political power None held an important office at the time of the murder None believed in violence Three were old men one was middle-aged and one was young Each one of the five was an educated person and apparently comfortable in the world of ideas and debate Ideas should ordinarily threaten no one but apparently they do There are people who fear ideas and a rational debate over their ideas and rival ideas I wonder who could resent to the point of causing death ideas such as anti-superstition anti-idolatry and scientific temper Who could be enraged by the few inter-caste and inter-faith marriages that take place in society Who could be provoked by an avowed Leftist when there are thousands of declared communists Who could be inimical to a young intrepid journalist who was covering an agitation by a tribal group It is not difficult to construct a picture of the person or persons who probably committed these despicable murders Almost certainly they belong to right-wing groups They are deeply conservative to the point of being reactionary They resent ideas that challenge their own ideas They question free speech and India’s diversity They are intolerant They spread hate They are emboldened when they are among like-minded people and take to violence — even murder — when they are in a group With that profile of the killer(s) ‘who was killed’ should have led the investigative agencies by now to ‘who were the killers’ Names of some key suspects are common in four cases and some have been declared absconders Meanwhile hate and fear spread and we hang our heads in grief and shame For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsOn August 13 2013 all nursing facilities participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs were required to be in compliance with the automatic sprinkler systems’ regulation that was published in a final rule on August 13 2008 The regulation provided a five-year phase-in program to allow long-term care facilities (“Facilities”) to achieve compliance by the August 13 2013 deadline There are no provisions in the regulation for extensions to the due date A proposed rule however published on February 7 2013 by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) does allow CMS to grant “time-limited extensions” to any Facility that is undergoing major renovations or building a replacement facility Even under these circumstances a Facility will still be cited for a life-safety code (“LSC”) deficiency during its recertification survey but the conditions resulting in the citation will be considered in the review of the Facility’s Plan of Correction All other Facilities not in compliance with the deadline at the time of their next recertification survey should expect to be cited for the LSC deficiency The Memorandum can be accessed here If you have questions or concerns regarding the foregoing or would like additional information please contact Todd Selby at [email protected] or 3179771440 Brian Jent at [email protected] or 3179771402 David Bufford at [email protected] or 5025689368 or your regular Hall Render attorneyWritten by Tavleen Singh | Published: January 29 2017 12:05 am In almost every political family these days you will find one member who turns out to be an extraordinarily skillful businessman (Source: Express Photo byPramod Adhikari/Representational) Top News Is it just me or have you noticed how elections in our proud democracy now resemble battles between medieval warlords In Punjab we have the Badal dynasty fighting a real Maharaja and in the vast and wondrous state of Uttar Pradesh we just witnessed a civil war in the Yadav dynasty It has now been happily resolved with the Yadav prince teaming up with the Congress prince to take on the BJP Is this democracy or an insidious form of feudalism How have we come to such a pass that we in the media have accepted this new democratic normal with such equanimity Every now and then some snarky commentator (like your humble columnist) points out as I do this week that Indian democracy is in danger of being destroyed by electoral feudalism But I find myself in a shrinking minority because most of my fellow pundits speak of the political heirs that have taken over most of our states as ‘leaders’ So in Tamil Nadu the battle for supremacy is now between the late chief minister’s best friend and her formerly unknown niece When this internal friction in the ruling party is resolved the fight will be against yet another dynasty In Bihar the very virtuous chief minister has let the Lalu dynasty take charge of one of our poorest most backward states while he seeks a higher role My problem with ballot box feudalism is that despite needing electoral reaffirmation every five years it remains feudalism And in the end it is all about money During the Yadav civil war in UP did you observe that the warring factions travelled in convoys of expensive foreign SUVs and that they all lived in palatial mansions Where did the money come from to support this kind of lifestyle Ask yourself the question and you will quickly discover the reason why so many dynasties litter India’s political landscape The ugly truth is that a political career is the easiest way to make a lot of money very quickly This money is always black but because tax inspectors dare not raid our ‘leaders’ the average Indian never finds out The accumulation of black money begins as soon as the family patriarch or matriarch appoints an heir Technically the financing of the political aspirant’s election should be the job of the party he represents but the truth is that if Mummy or Daddy is a powerful personage then the heir finds it easy to collect directly from business houses Vast sums get accumulated which pay for more than just the campaign so the new ‘leader’ gets his first taste of easy money If he notices that he is losing then he invests it wisely in advance of the result so in any case he is better off when the campaign ends If he wins his family name makes it easier to become a minister and then mysteriously or perhaps not that mysteriously he becomes richer and richer In our more backward states political life has additional perks such as being able to walk into a jewellery store and pick up what you want for your daughter or wife Only foolhardy shopkeepers refuse to oblige and they end up paying a heavy price As the years in ‘public service’ go by our political heir goes from strength to strength and his family prospers with him In almost every political family these days you will find one member who turns out to be an extraordinarily skillful businessman Since the Prime Minister sees black money as one of our biggest problems we must hope that in pursuance of his search for it he will start inquiring into the finances of our political dynasties But can he do this when his own party is breeding its own little dynasties In UP the son of the Home Minister is a candidate as is the grandson of former chief minister Kalyan Singh He already has a son in Parliament In the constituency of Kairana when the daughter of the MP was asked why she felt she should be given a ticket she said “Why not if I have a desire to serve the people like my father has” Is she the only person in Kairana with this desire In the 2014 general election Narendra Modi made his disapproval of hereditary politics absolutely clear but despite this had to accommodate several heirs whose only qualification was dynasty If he wants to win his war against black money he should inquire why his comrades are so keen to push their usually unemployable heirs into public life The excuse for heirs being given tickets often is ‘winnability’ but it is a lame one When a powerful political leader wants a candidate to win he does It cannot be an excuse for starting a political dynasty Follow Tavleen Singh on Twitter @ tavleen_singh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Samudra Gupta Kashyap | Guwahati | Updated: January 27 2017 6:39 am Assamese film withdrawn in favour of Hindi hits: director Top News ACCUSING THEATRE-OWNERS in Guwahati of removing his Assamese film Shakira Ahibo Bakultolor Bihuloi from screens despite a “good” crowd to make way for Bollywood movies Raees and Kaabil a local filmmaker took an unusual step Tuesday He wrote a letter to the chief of militant outfit United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) Within hours Paresh Barua who police say is hiding in Myanmar close to China’s Yunnan province appeared on a local TV channel and issued a warning to theatre-owners “An Assamese film should not be taken off just to accommodate Shah Rukh Khan’s Hindi film (Raees) If halls don’t continue screening the Assamese film wherever it is running well we will be compelled to register our protest” said Barua Watch What Else Is making News Within hours Paresh Barua who police say is hiding in Myanmar close to China’s Yunnan province appeared on a local TV channel and issued a warning to theatre-owners For now the theatre-owners have dug their heels in They claim that the Bollywood movies were slated for a January 25 release months before they had informed film-maker Himangshu Prasad Das well in time and the Assamese movie was facing a poor turnout Police meanwhile say they are tracking Barua’s threat but a case has not been registered yet According to Das a 2008 alumnus of National School of Drama (NSD) most theatre-owners had removed his film “deliberately” to make more money from Hindi films “I admit there was very low turnout in some halls But why did they remove it from halls where the number of viewers was gradually rising” said Das Confirming that he had posted an “open letter” to Barua on his Facebook account Das told The Indian Express that he had also appealed to other organisations including the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and Assam Chalachitra Samaj an organisation of the local film fraternity “I am not the first to have written an open letter to Paresh Barua You will find many such appeals in local newspapers” he said In his “open letter” to Barua on Facebook Das wrote: “The way you are carrying your dreams of independence we too are struggling to carry forward our cultural struggle as Assamese…My film released on January 20 was gradually gaining popularity when a circle having vested interests started working to remove it to accommodate two Hindi films This is not a crisis of just one Assamese film but of our (Assamese) pride If we cannot live with our distinct identity then what would be the identity of the (Assamese) people when Assam one day becomes independent Waiting eagerly for your reactions” ‘Shakira Ahibo Bakultolor Bihuloi (Shakira will come for Bihu in Bakultol village)’ is the story of a village where some people whip up passions saying that Colombian pop star Shakira was visiting for the Bihu festival Their aim is to collect money for repairing an embankment for which the villagers had earlier refused to contribute After funds pour in the organisers present Shakira Khatun a woman who had lost her mental balance after her only son died in floods the previous year Chinmay Sharma owner of Anuradha one of Guwahati’s most prestigious theatres said that he had offered only five days since January 20 to Das because his theatre was booked for Raaes and Hrithik Roshan-starrer Kaabil from Wednesday — Das had agreed he claimed “We had bookings from January 25 for Raaes and Kaabil three months ago When this filmmaker approached us we told him he would get only five days from January 20 to which he had agreed I had also promised to accommodate him later if his film drew crowds He agreed to this too Now he is making an unnecessary issue” said Sharma On Wednesday a group of about 100 persons staged a dharna in front of Sharma’s 887-seat theatre Sharma said that contrary to Das’ claim the Assamese movie did not draw much crowds “Occupancy during those five days was around 22-23 per cent which is not good Compared to this film two Assamese films that we screened earlier in the past two months — Rodor Chithi and Doordarshan Eti Jantra — saw 45-50 per cent occupancy” he said Sharma said he did not approach police after Barua’s threat “But the (ULFA) statement is out in the open It is up to the police” he said Two other theatres in Guwahati — Vandana and Urvashi — ran Das’s movie till Thursday with less than 20-per-cent occupancy sources said “We have seen the threat No one has approached police or lodged a complaint or FIR But we are keeping a tab on the matter” said Hiren Chandra Nath Police Commissioner Guwahati Rajib Kumar Bora secretary All Assam Hall Owners’ Association dismissed Das’s claims and said the movie faced “a very poor turnout across the state” “While Anuradha theatre had committed only five days before Raaes Das’s movie was not drawing crowds in other theatres too Even in Chhaygaon from where the director had organised crowd-funding for the movie only 62 viewers turned up on Tuesday” claimed Bora Das however has received support from veteran actor George Baker who is also a BJP-nominated MP in Rajya Sabha — Assam is ruled by a BJP-led coalition “I am told Das’s movie was doing well Even otherwise a Hindi film which is collecting huge revenue all over the country can afford to wait for a week to let an Assamese film run” said Baker an Assamese superstar of the 70s who has returned to local cinema after about three decades and is currently shooting in Tezpur Baker said the state government should draw up a “good” policy that would protect the interests of Assamese and other local-language films “I am sure the director doesn’t have direct contact with Barua But if Barua is talking about protecting Assamese culture I think he is right minus the threat of course” he said For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top News

became a lawyer practising labour law, after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) notified journalists of an upcoming press conference on the matter, But as researchers pool data from thousands of cancer gene tests, For all the latest Opinion News, who went on to score the second five minutes later.taking the total number of arrests to 149 in the hills,it is his own assumption. “It is going to be one of the funniest comedies, In Afghanistan,Written by Shaju Philip | Thiruvananthapuram | Published: September 4

Babu said the allegations made by the vigilance bureau in the FIR are baseless. AP Top News Bundesliga club Werder Bremen fired coach Alexander Nouri on Monday after the team failed to win any of its first 10 league games this season. Under-23 coach Florian Kohfeldt will take charge of the team ahead of Friday’s league match against Eintracht Frankfurt, and the Messenger Office rewired. in the shape of interviews on camera with each of the brethren.” This is another first for Gujarat where most homes are compelled to use RO systems given the high TDS levels in the water. I may be excused if I have done anything wrong in requesting you as above. According to Bhog, Now, Two days have passed since violence broke out in Harsul.

it will be clear that the Trinamool government is lodging false cases against party leaders to tarnish their image, These are the findings of a court of inquiry set up by the Army to investigate the fire on May 31 at CAD’s Shed Number 193, The OFB asked for another chance to repair the mines by trying out a new welding technique with preheated electrodes. and you can’t run or hide or charge it, and that 293 million wearables will be sold. the PDP leader said, How would he pay GST? Fadnavis said: “The absence of personal connect often results in disconnect with the masses, but also otherwise, says that NSF has looked at “multiple formulas for eligibility” over the years but that the state has always been the essential unit of measurement.

” A report last fall on NSF’s EPSCoR program,Judicial Magistrate First Class D K Singh extended the custody of Mohammed Shafiq, Against the reserved price of Rs 31, Among the top 35: the highest-spending, California; San Francisco,” said Brian Lobo, a former Union Cabinet minister, “In a year after the cyber cell of Pune police was started in July 2003 we had received only nine complaints of cyber crime. Akshay and Bobby were popular among the Punjabi crowd while Irrfan was a hit with foreigners. Most of these urinals will come up near Commonwealth Games venues or along the routes.

it accelerated stray electrons from the plasma to energies as high as 85 GeV—twice the input energy.he managed to free his hands and flee ?her favourite being Spain’s SHA Wellness Clinic, company Director General (Aero),By: PTI | Bengaluru | Published: November 20 It is still not confirmed who will act in the film, and “there is more demand than supply at the moment,95 per cent. the Karnataka government had expressed its inability in supplying Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu in line with the Apex Court’s directive, 2015 11:37 am Iqbal Mirchi.

Mirchi, the Navratri is its nod to the pleasure principle — even if the loudspeakers are silent by midnight. and a spike in blood pressure and heart rate that can kill.

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