General Assembly overwhelmingly affirms Palestinians right to sovereignty

By a vote of 140 in favour to 6 against (Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and the United States), with 11 abstentions, the Assembly adopted a resolution that also affirmed that “the status of the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, remains one of military occupation.”The text also affirmed, in accordance with the rules and principles of international law, and relevant resolutions of the Security Council, that “the Palestinian people have the right to self-determination and to sovereignty over this territory and that Israel, the occupying power, has only the duties and obligations of an occupying Power under the Fourth Geneva Convention and the IV Hague Convention of 1907.”The Assembly also expressed its determination to contribute to a comprehensive negotiated peace settlement in the Middle East, resulting “in two viable, sovereign and independent states, Israel and Palestine, based on the pre-1967 borders and living side by side in peace and security.” read more

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UN report highlights benefits of school meal programmes in crisis settings

“School feeding assures that where quality education is available, children are able to take advantage of the opportunity to learn,” said the Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), Ertharin Cousin. “It’s an investment that pays off in the future with better-educated, stronger and healthier adults and it’s also a critical safety net to prevent the most vulnerable from suffering in times of crisis,” she said.The State of School Feeding Worldwide report, produced by WFP, provides a global analysis of school feeding programmes in developed and developing nations, as well as data on how governments use school meals as a safety net in times of crisis. According to WFP, around 368 million children – about one in five – get a meal at school every day in 169 developing and developed countries. However, despite the global nature of school feeding, the coverage of these programmes is lowest where they are most needed. In low-income countries, only 18 per cent receive a daily meal at school, compared to nearly 49 per cent of children in middle-income countries.Global investment in these programmes is about $75 billion, with most coming from government budgets. While these may seem like a large investment, the benefits are even greater as the report states that for every $1 spent by government and donors at least $3 is gained in economic returns.Over the past five years, at least 38 countries have scaled up their school feeding programmes in response to a crisis, whether related to food prices, conflict, natural disaster or financial volatility.“During the food and fuel crises in 2008 many Governments struggled to protect the most vulnerable from hunger and looked to school meals to achieve that. In the current recession, even wealthy nations are examining how school meals can prevent families sliding deeper into poverty and hunger,” said the report’s lead author Carmen Burbano.WFP has been operating school meals programmes in developing countries for almost 50 years. In 2012, the agency provided meals or nutritious snacks in school for 24.7 million children in 63 countries, including take-home rations for 1.3 million girls and 500,000 boys – providing an incentive for poor families to keep their children in class, rather than pull them out to work in the fields, in factories or in the home.The report is being presented today at the largest annual meeting of school feeding experts, co-hosted by the Global Child Nutrition Foundation and WFP’s Centre of Excellence Against Hunger in Brazil. read more

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Mens soccer Ohio State stares down date with Michigan

OSU senior midfielder Ben Fitzpatrick looks to gather possession of the ball in the second half against Rutgers on Sept. 18, 2016. Credit: Gene Ross | Lantern reporterThe Ohio State men’s soccer team is back in action this Friday at 7 p.m., as they take to the road to face off against Big Ten rival Michigan.The season is in its final stages, and for the Buckeyes it has not quite gone according to plan. Despite the team’s yearlong struggles, OSU still has a chance to earn a spot in the top half of the conference standings before the start of the Big Ten tournament.“The out of conference games haven’t been going our way,” said redshirt freshman goalkeeper Parker Siegfried. “We still have a decent standing in the Big Ten. We have to win to try and get that home playoff game. The team is excited and ready to go.”As of late, OSU has been on the verge of taking down some high-level competition, but has been unable to close out games. After having the lead at halftime of their last two games, the Buckeyes came away with a draw against Indiana and dropped a 2-1 contest against Louisville.“It is good that we are putting ourselves in these positions where we are competitive with these good teams but we have to knock somebody off,” coach John Bluem said. “We had the lead in both those games and couldn’t hold onto it. It’s been tough. This team needs a win like that to really take us over the edge and get us going.”The Buckeyes have three games remaining on the schedule, two of which are against Big Ten opponents. With the goal of a high seed in the conference tournament, the team must start with a win over Michigan.At 2-8-4 overall (1-4-1 B1G), the Wolverines have struggled mightily on the year.Michigan has been outscored 20-11 by its opponents. Its only wins came on back-to-back 2-0 victories at home over Detroit and Penn State.The Wolverines leading scorer is midfielder Francis Atuahene. The sophomore from Ghana has found the back of the net four times this year while also posting an assist to give himself a team leading nine points.This will be the 32nd meeting between the two teams, with OSU holding a 20-10-1 advantage in the all-time series. The Buckeyes are 4-5-1 all-time in Ann Arbor.The last time these two teams matched up, OSU came away with a 3-1 victory in Columbus that secured the Big Ten regular season title. The Buckeyes have won nine of the last 12 meetings.Despite the Buckeyes having an upper hand in the all-time series, the rivalry between the two schools is still very present.“Being from Columbus, you are born knowing the rivalry between Ohio State and the “team up north,”” said senior midfielder Ben Fitzpatrick. “It’s a tradition. We will go up there fired up for a win.”With the Big Ten tournament on the horizon, the Scarlet and Gray know this is a game they cannot afford to lose.  “Even though it is two teams that aren’t having great seasons, it’s a game that looms big on both of our schedules,” Bluem said. “It is a must win situation.” read more

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UCD students complain of lack of respect on campus

first_imgA CAMPAIGN HAS been launched at University College Dublin (UCD) to highlight complaints that students’ rights are being infringed on campus.The UCD Students’ Union said it will hold the campaign to stand up for those who live in student accommodation at the Belfield site.According to the group, those who live on campus are not treated with the same respect as they would be entitled to if they were living in private residences.“What is occurring on campus at the moment is unacceptable with students being made to feel that they are not residents but rather a nuisance to campus authorities,” said UCDSU president Micheál Gallagher.Key concerns related to a ‘license to reside’ which live-in students must sign when they agree to live on campus.The union believes the presence of cameras in student homes is a “breach of privacy” and “would be illegal in any other type of accommodation”. It also claims that the cameras are used to observe and record students.Further to the cameras, those in authority are allowed enter apartments at any time, which is a different arrangement to private residence where a landlord should give 24 hours noted before visiting.The licence provides for fines that are handed down for various misdemeanors that occur while living on campus. According to the students, the charges are “extortionately high” and UCD Residence retained €105,000 during the 2011-2012 academic year.“UCD residence has more ways of fining students living on campus than any other university in Ireland,” the group added in a statement, suggesting that the college is “looking to profiteer” from already struggling students.The appeals process for the fines is also unfair, they say, as the person who hands down the fine is also the person in charge of the appeal. The process can also lead to a penalty being increased.Gallaghers says the union is demanding a renegotiation of the ‘license to reside’ in the summer of 2014 to rectify the problems.The problem has been exacerbated by the shortage of appropriate housing in Dublin, says welfare and equality officer Cian Dowling.“Many students are desperate to live on campus and as such will sign anything to be close to campus,” he added. “UCD should not take advantage of this situation to fine students and make them feel as if they cannot enjoy their time in UCD residence.”Read: TY course leaves it up to teenagers to teach their peers about internet etiquetteMore: Number of Indian students studying in Ireland set to doublelast_img read more

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Space venture to place first HD streaming cameras on ISS

first_imgThe commercialization of space is already well upon us. Russia has offered “joy rides” to the International Space Station (ISS) for millionaires, Virgin Galactic has been created to support space tourism via technology demonstrated by SpaceShipOne and now a new Canadian, Russian and UK space venture will bring high-definition streaming video of Earth to personal computers and mobile phones. The venture is called UrtheCast which is pronounced “Earth Cast.”UrtheCast plans to offer video data and imagery of Earth from space which will be down-linked to ground stations and displayed in real-time on the Internet. The company’s website promises to feel like a blend of Google Earth with the video playback and search functionality of YouTube which includes the ability to search for video by location, type or theme. Users will also be able to interact with video through the ability to rewind and fast forward, zoom in and out and virtually steer the camera from side to side. The website will also provide users the ability to track the location of the ISS to anticipate when it is expected to fly over a specific geographic area.To support this platform, UrtheCast has contracted Rutherford Appleton Labs to build two high-definition cameras which it will attach to the Russian module of the ISS.  The cameras include a medium-resolution camera designed to provide a three color image which is capable of covering 45 kilometers with a resolution of 5.5 meters. The second, high-resolution camera is designed to allow for images of man-made objects and groups of people with a resolution comparable to Google Earth at a frame rate of 3.25 frames per second.  In addition to the website, UrtheCast will also offer a smartphone application and an open API for third party developers to integrate video into their own applications. Seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter is also planned so that video may be shared among users.UrtheCast will officially launch its ambitious project in Calgary on June 28th.Read more at the press release (PDF) and UrtheCast website.Brian’s OpinionWell, this is what the Obama administration wants. They would like the commercialization of space to take root as demonstrated by the retirement of the Space Shuttle program and seed money to encourage the development of commercial means of travel to and from Earth orbit. Americans need first to admit though that the Russians are way ahead of us when it comes to this goal. After all, we are looking to them to act as a paid taxi service to the ISS until another commercially viable option for transportation is available.When Russia first started giving rides to millionaires many people and organizations, including NASA, scoffed at the idea. In reality, NASA grew to accept it since Russia does own a piece of the ISS–it’s that very piece of the ISS that UrtheCast will be attaching their cameras to. Of course, you have to wonder if the U.S. even got an opportunity to bid on such a deal or if the consideration of such a deal was viewed as below acceptance by NASA and the U.S. government.Personally I believe, we need more deals like the Russians are getting. At this point, considering the national debt, I’d be all for selling the naming rights of the American owned sections of the ISS to the highest bidder in the same way arenas are named here on Earth. Clearly, we need to open our minds up more to the subsidizing of space travel by commercial means. Who knows? Decades from now we could all be talking about the U.S. manned mission to Mars… as sponsored by Pepsi.last_img read more

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Bahamas DPM responds to Opposition statement on Moodys review

first_img#MagneticMediaNews#TurnquestRespondsToCoopersMoodyComments Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppcenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, July 13th 2017: Sheer amazement and disappointment, is how DPM and Finance Minister Peter Turnquest is describing the latest comments from the PLP camp on the Moody’s review. Turnquest in responding to the comments called it “the wrong statements at the wrong time”, and says there is a growth strategy in place, contrary to what the Exuma MP is saying. Chester Cooper released a statement on Tuesday, offering an olive branch to work with the current administration in bringing down debt levels, while offering words of advice on how to handle the current fiscal situation.Turnquest immediately discredited Cooper’s words, saying “these words have no place in the current debate on the Country’s fiscal challenges”. He went on to say it was no secret to both credit rating agencies, Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s, that the economy had been driven to the ground by the previous administration. The finance minister adds his administration was elected on a promise of transparency, and had a duty to come clean and not mislead the country, while undertaking the daunting task of putting in place the necessary reforms to stabilize public finances. Casting blame on the previous administration, Turnquest says “had they been more transparent, more honest and more responsible, the country would not have been facing these challenges”.last_img read more

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Google plagued by data and privacy issues still rakes it in

first_img Privacy Google Apple Alphabet Inc. Google has also been the target of intense scrutiny in Washington, DC. Several prominent Republicans, including President Trump, have accused Google of an anticonservative bias. In August, Trump tweeted that Google’s search results are “rigged,” saying the company is “suppressing voices of Conservatives.” In December, when Pichai faced the then-GOP controlled House of Representatives, he fielded questions from angry Republican lawmakers about what they considered liberal leanings by  Google’s workforce. And last week, the search giant felt the wrath of Apple. Google misused an App Store program to distribute an app called Screenwise Meter to consumers. The app, first released in 2012, invited users outside the company to earn gift cards in exchange for letting Google monitor and analyze their data. (Facebook was doing something similar with an app called Facebook Research.)After the news coverage, Google shut down the app for iOS devices on its own, but Apple still punished Google by blocking its ability to distribute internal apps. The outage only lasted a few hours, but underscored the tremendous power Apple has over Google. The YouTube factorOn Monday, Pichai also indicated that YouTube, which Google owns, had a strong quarter. The company, however, doesn’t break out YouTube’s revenue. “In the long run, I think for me, YouTube is a place where we see users not only come for entertainment,” Pichai said on the call. “They come to find information. They’re coming to learn about things. They’re coming to discover, to research.”That isn’t surprising. YouTube is the world’s largest video site, with more than 1 billion visitors a month. But it also underscores the need for Google to invest in security and safety, and fight abuse and disinformation. The site is still reeling from coordinated campaigns that used it to try to influence the 2016 election, as well as problems with extremist and objectionable content. Pichai was also asked by an analyst if he’s reconsidered the 30 percent cut that Google takes from software developers when they distribute their apps on the company’s Play store. Pichai said the cut is an industry standard (Apple takes the same percentage on its iOS App Store), and noted that there are infrastructure and engagement benefits to being on the Play store. “So I think we’ll continue down that path, but obviously, always adapt to where the market is,” Pichai said. First published Feb. 4 at 1:08 p.m. PT.Update, 3:34 p.m. PT: Adds information from Alphabet’s conference call. Apple’s clash with Facebook and Google: Here’s what you need to know.The Smartest Stuff: Innovators are thinking up new ways to make you, and the things around you, smarter. Google employees protest tech giant’s handling of sexual… Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? reading • Google, plagued by data and privacy issues, still rakes it in • Comments Tags Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice Tech Industry Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it See All Apple 2 Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 Google headquarters in Mountain View, California Stephen Shankland/CNET Google’s list of problems is no joke: Its own workers have publicly risen up against the company in protest over sexual assault allegations and its work with the military. CEO Sundar Pichai was dragged in front of Congress in December to answer for privacy and censorship scandals. And just last week, the search giant angered Apple for violating the terms of its App Store while distributing a market research app. One thing is still golden for Google, though: It’s making a ton of money. In the last three months of the year, Google’s parent, Alphabet, tallied $39.27 billion in sales, beating analyst estimates of $38.94 billion, the company said Monday. Earnings per share were $12.77. Analysts on average had expected $10.82 per share, according to Thomson Reuters.”More than 20 years in, there is still tremendous opportunity for Google to help people save time, learn new things, grow their businesses and build stronger communities,” Pichai said during a conference call with analysts on Monday. Traffic acquisition costs, or the fees the company pays to partners to make sure its search results are seen, rose to $7.4 billion from $6.4 billion over the same period last year. That came to 23 percent of Google’s total advertising sales. The company also said it’s spending more money on its “other bets,” which include projects like Waymo’s self-driving cars and Verily’s medical technology. The operating loss for those initiatives was $1.3 billion in the fourth quarter, up from $784 million the year before. Shares fell about 3 percent in after-hours trading on those higher expenses.Facing controversies  The just-ended quarter capped off arguably the toughest year of Google’s existence. In November, Google workers made history when more than 20,000 employees and contractors from cities around the world walked out of their offices to protest the company’s handling of sexual assault accusations against top executives. The walkout marked the peak in a year of protests by Google employees, who spoke out against the company’s work with the Pentagon and Google’s plans for a search project called Dragonfly in China. 1:45 Sep 1 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumorslast_img read more

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Walker Mallott say no on Kavanaugh

first_imgGov. Bill Walker (right) and Lt. Gov Byron Mallott announced the don’t want to see Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. (2016 photo by Skip Gray/360 North)Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov Byron Mallott on Thursday announced they oppose the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.Listen nowThey cited Kavanaugh’s record or presumed positions on health care, labor law and laws important to Alaska Natives.And, they noted in their written statement, “violence against women in Alaska is an epidemic.” They referred to the sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh and said they couldn’t condone his confirmation while so many questions remain unanswered. (Kavanaugh vigorously disputes the allegation.)Governors, of course, have no direct say in confirming U.S. Supreme Court justices. But the announcement adds heft to the Kavanaugh opposition in Alaska, and Kavanaugh’s detractors hope it will influence Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a key Republican swing vote.Murkowski, and Sen. Dan Sullivan, separately spoke to Kavanaugh after the Alaska Federation of Natives raised concerns about him. Both senators say they’re convinced Kavanaugh does not intend to undermine the legal status of Alaska Natives or the laws and programs that help them.Walker, an independent, and Mallott, a Democrat, are running for re-election, but this announcement came from their state offices, not their campaign.Democratic challenger Mark Begich previously announced his opposition to Kavanaugh. Republican candidate Mike Dunleavy announced his support for Kavanaugh in July.The Association of Village Council Presidents is now among the Native groups opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The group says its board sent a letter to Sen. Murkowski stating its solidarity with AFN.last_img read more

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MP Vijayasai Reddy sensational comments on TDP chief

first_imgAmaravati: The YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP V Vijayasai Reddy has made the sensational comments on former CM N Chandrababu Naidu and few media channels which support the TDP. He criticized that the supporting media of Chandrababu Naidu has again started the Pallaki Seva to him. Vijayasai Reddy has also made hot comments over the ongoing controversy on Chandrababu’s residence in Undavalli. He warned that the one who lotted the public money for sure must pay back it. Also Read – HPCL distributes clay Ganesh idols in Visakhapatnam Advertise With Us Over this, YSRCP MP has made a series of tweets and also expressed anger over the TDP leaders who are supporting Chandrababu Naidu. అనుకూల మీడియా మళ్లీ చంద్రబాబు పల్లకి సేవ మొదలు పెట్టింది. నదీ పరిరక్షణ చట్టం-1884, ఎన్జీటీ, సీఆర్డీఏ నిబంధనలు నదిని పూడ్చి నిర్మించిన కట్టడాలు అక్రమమని ఘోషిస్తున్నాయి. మీడియా కూడా ఈ చట్టాలు చదవాలి. బాబు నిర్మించాడు కాబట్టి కుల మీడియాకు అవి చారిత్రక కట్టడాల్లా కనిపిస్తున్నాయేమో.— Vijayasai Reddy V (@VSReddy_MP) June 28, 2019 Also Read – TDP adopting dirty tricks to malign government: Minister Advertise With Us తమ అధినేత అవినీతిని సమర్థించడం మినహా కళా వెంకట్రావు చేయగలిగిందేముంది. సీఎం జగన్ గారి ఆదేశాల మేరకు అధికారులు వేసిన అంచనాల ప్రకారం విద్యుత్తు కొనుగోళ్లపై అదనంగా 2,636 కోట్ల చెల్లింపులు జరిగాయని వెల్లడైంది. ప్రజాధనం లూటీ చేసిన వారు ఆ మొత్తాలను కక్కక తప్పదు.— Vijayasai Reddy V (@VSReddy_MP) June 28, 2019చంద్రబాబు ప్రభుత్వం 9 కోట్లు బొక్కి నిర్మించిన ప్రజావేదిక నాణ్యతపై సోషల్ మీడియాలో ఆసక్తికర కామెంట్లు సర్క్యులేట్ అవుతున్నాయి. గణేశ్ మండపానికి ఎక్కువ, కోళ్ల షెడ్డుకు తక్కువని సోషల్ మీడియాలో యువత చెణుకులు విసురుతోంది. దాన్నికూల్చడం అనొద్దట. ఏ రేకుకు ఆ రేకు విప్పారని అనాలట.— Vijayasai Reddy V (@VSReddy_MP) June 28, 2019 Advertise With Us Through the Twitter message, MP Vijayasai Reddy tweets that the supporting media of Chandrababu Naidu has again started the Pallaki Seva to him. The River Conservation Act-1884, NGT, CRDA says that it is illegal to make construction by filling the river bank. Even the media should also read these laws. As it’s built by Chandrababu, maybe they are looking like historical structures to Babu supportive media. Apart from justifying the corruption of his leader, Kala Venkata Rao has got nothing to do. Over the directions of CM YS Jagan, the authorities have estimated an additional Rs 2,636 crore payments have been made in electricity purchases. The one who looted the public funds has to pay back the sum. MP tweets. MP Vijayasai Reddy said that the interesting comments are been circulating over the social media on the quality of the Praja Vedika which was built by Chandrababu government with Rs 9 crore of the public funds. He also criticized that the netizens on social media are commenting that the Praja Vedika is more to the Ganesh mandapam and less to the chicken shed.last_img read more

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MS Dhoni no longer captain cool Why is the CSK skipper becoming

first_imgCricket fans have been left surprised by Dhoni’s outbursts of angerIANSThe famed ‘coolness’ of Mahendra Singh Dhoni evaded him once again during Chennai Super Kings’ IPL match against Rajasthan Royals on April 11. His unprecedented act of entering the field and remonstrating with the umpires is the latest among a series of uncharacteristic outbursts from the former India captain.IncidentsThe first major incident of Dhoni losing his cool occurred during a T20I match in South Africa in 2018 when he lashed out at non-striker Manish Pandey for not paying attention to his call. Then, he gave Indian pacer Khaleel Ahmed an earful in the second ODI during the Australia tour when he walked on the pitch. In IPL 2019, before his spat with the umpires, he had lashed out at Deepak Chahar during his team’s match against Kings XI Punjab.Captaincy TroublesSo, what’s happening? While it is nearly impossible to peek into the mind of MSD, it seems this change of attitude started as early as 2012. The Indian team had received thrashings in England and Australia in 2011-12. Two whitewashes were followed by failure to reach the Asia Cup final and semis of World T20. Dhoni sought revenge and redemption in a home series against England but suffered another embarrassing loss.Suddenly, the unflinching calmness of the World Cup-winning captain was no longer celebrated but seen as a manifestation of him lacking concern for his team. Former captains and experts demanded that he be removed as the skipper. After India won a dead rubber against Pakistan at Delhi, Dhoni’s celebration was more animated than ever before – he plucked out the stump and jumped up and down with joy. MS Dhoni faced criticism in his last years of captaincyINDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty ImagesHowever, overseas results continued to be poor. Eventually, Dhoni quit Test cricket altogether following the third Test against Australia at Melbourne in December 2014. After India lost the 2015 World Cup semi-final and the ODI series in Bangladesh, MSD made a comment which was tinged with irritation at his position being questioned. “It is justifiable if you remove me and Indian cricket starts doing well. If I am the reason for all the bad that’s happening to Indian cricket, definitely, I would love to step away and play just as a player.”Concerns About Batting FormDhoni did step down as the captain in 2017 but remained a key player in the team. However, his form saw a decline and the vaunted ability he once possessed to win a match from any situation was becoming less visible. Many suggested that his days as a top player are over. He responded by performing well in the ODI series against Australia and New Zealand in early 2019. But whether he can return to being the Mahi of old who can rescue his team from the most hopeless of situations or bludgeon bowling attacks at the death overs remains to be seen.Maybe, just maybe, the growing pressure and persistent focus on his form and batting are starting to take a toll. A person who has been playing international cricket for more than 14 years and is being scrutinised more than ever before is bound to lose his cool sometimes, even if he is captain ‘cool.’last_img read more

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React Native development tools Expo React Native CLI CocoaPods Tutorial

first_imgThere are a large number of React Native development tools. Expo, React Native CLI, CocoaPods being the more popular ones. As with any development tools, there is going to be a trade-off between flexibility and ease of use. I encourage you start by using Expo for your React Native development workflow unless you’re sure you’ll need access to the native code. This article is taken from the book React Native Cookbook, Second Edition by Dan Ward.  In this book, you will improve your React Native mobile development skills or transition from web development to mobile development. In this article, we will learn about the various React Native development tools- Expo, React Native CLI, CocoaPods. We will also learn how to setup Expo and React Native CLI Expo This was taken from the site: “Expo is a free and open source toolchain built around React Native to help you build native iOS and Android projects using JavaScript and React.” Expo is becoming an ecosystem of its own, and is made up of five interconnected tools: Expo CLI: The command-line interface for Expo. We’ll be using the Expo CLI to create, build, and serve apps. A list of all the commands supported by the CLI can be found in the official documentation at the following link: Expo developer tools: This is a browser-based tool that automatically runs whenever an Expo app is started from the Terminal via the expo start command. It provides active logs for your in-development app, and quick access to running the app locally and sharing the app with other developers. Expo Client: An app for Android and iOS. This app allows you to run your React Native project within the Expo app on the device, without the need for installing it. This allows developers to hot reload on a real device, or share development code with anyone else without the need for installing it. Expo Snack: Hosted at, this web app allows you to work on a React Native app in the browser, with a live preview of the code you’re working on. If you’ve ever used CodePen or JSFiddle, Snack is the same concept applied to React Native applications. Expo SDK: This is the SDK that houses a wonderful collection of JavaScript APIs that provide Native functionality not found in the base React Native package, including working with the device’s accelerometer, camera, notifications, geolocation, and many others. This SDK comes baked in with every new project created with Expo. These tools together make up the Expo workflow. With the Expo CLI, you can create and build new applications with Expo SDK support baked in. The XDE/CLI also provides a simple way to serve your in-development app by automatically pushing your code to Amazon S3 and generating a URL for the project. From there, the CLI generates a QR code linked to the hosted code. Open the Expo Client app on your iPhone or Android device, scan the QR code, and BOOM there’s your app, equipped with live/hot reload! And since the app is hosted on Amazon S3, you can even share the in-development app with other developers in real time. React Native CLI The original bootstrapping method for creating a new React Native app using the command is as follows: react-native init This is provided by the React Native CLI. You’ll likely only be using this method of bootstrapping a new app if you’re sure you’ll need access to the native layer of the app. In the React Native community, an app created with this method is said to be a pure React Native app, since all of the development and Native code files are exposed to the developer. While this provides the most freedom, it also forces the developer to maintain the native code. If you’re a JavaScript developer that’s jumped onto the React Native bandwagon because you intend on writing native applications solely with JavaScript, having to maintain the native code in a React Native project is probably the biggest disadvantage of this method. On the other hand, you’ll have access to third-party plugins when working on an app that’s been bootstrapped with the following command: react-native init Get direct access to the native portion of the code base. You’ll also be able to sidestep a few of the limitations in Expo currently, particularly the inability to use background audio or background GPS services. CocoaPods Once you begin working with apps that have components that use native code, you’re going to be using CocoaPods in your development as well. CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. It works nearly the same as npm, but manages open source dependencies for native iOS code instead of JavaScript code. We won’t be using CocoaPods much in this book, but React Native makes use of CocoaPods for some of its iOS integration, so having a basic understanding of the manager can be helpful. Just as the package.json file houses all of the packages for a JavaScript project managed with npm, CocoaPods uses a Podfile for listing a project’s iOS dependencies. Likewise, these dependencies can be installed using the command: pod install Ruby is required for CocoaPods to run. Run the command at the command line to verify Ruby is already installed: ruby -v If not, it can be installed with Homebrew with the command: brew install ruby Once Ruby has been installed, CocoaPods can be installed via the command: sudo gem install cocoapods If you encounter any issues while installing, you can read the official CocoaPods Getting Started guide at Planning your app and choosing your workflow When trying to choose which development workflow best fits your app’s needs, here are a few things you should consider: Will I need access to the native portion of the code base? Will I need any third-party packages in my app that are not supported by Expo? Will my app need to play audio while it is not in the foreground? Will my app need location services while it is not in the foreground? Will I need push notification support? Am I comfortable working, at least nominally, in Xcode and Android Studio? In my experience, Expo usually serves as the best starting place. It provides a lot of benefits to the development process, and gives you an escape hatch in the eject process if your app grows beyond the original requirements. I would recommend only starting development with the React Native CLI if you’re sure your app needs something that cannot be provided by an Expo app, or if you’re sure you will need to work on the Native code. I also recommend browsing the Native Directory hosted at This site has a very large catalog of the third-party packages available for React Native development. Each package listed on the site has an estimated stability, popularity, and links to documentation. Arguably the best feature of the Native Directory, however, is the ability to filter packages by what kind of device/development they support, including iOS, Android, Expo, and web. This will help you narrow down your package choices and better indicate which workflow should be adopted for a given app. React Native CLI setup We’ll begin with the React Native CLI setup of our app, which will create a new pure React Native app, giving us access to all of the Native code, but also requiring that Xcode and Android Studio are installed. First, we’ll install all the dependencies needed for working with a pure React Native app, starting with the Homebrew ( package manager for macOS. As stated on the project’s home page, Homebrew can be easily installed from the Terminal via the following command: /usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL” Once Homebrew is installed, it can be used to install the dependencies needed for React Native development: Node.js and nodemon. If you’re a JavaScript developer, you’ve likely already got Node.js installed. You can check it’s installed via the following command: node -v This command will list the version of Node.js that’s installed, if any. Note that you will need Node.js version 8 or higher for React Native development. If Node.js is not already installed, you can install it with Hombrew via the following command: brew install node We also need the nodemon package, which React Native uses behind the scenes to enable things like live reload during development. Install nodemon with Homebrew via the following command: brew install watchman We’ll also of course need the React Native CLI for running the commands that bootstrap the React Native app. This can be installed globally with npm via the following command: npm install -g react-native-cli With the CLI installed, all it takes to create a new pure React Native app is the following: react-native init name-of-project This will create a new project in a new name-of-project directory. This project has all Native code exposed, and requires Xcode for running the iOS app and Android Studio for running the Android app. Luckily, installing Xcode for supporting iOS React Native development is a simple process. The first step is to download Xcode from the App Store and install it. The second step is to install the Xcode command-line tools. To do this, open Xcode, choose Preferences… from the Xcode menu, open the Locations panel, and install the most recent version from the Command Line Tools dropdown: Unfortunately, setting up Android Studio for supporting Android React Native development is not as cut and dry, and requires some very specific steps for installing it. Since this process is particularly involved, and since there is some likelihood that the process will have changed by the time you read this chapter, I recommend referring to the official documentation for in-depth, up-to-date instructions on installing all Android development dependencies. These instructions are hosted at the following URL: Now that all dependencies have been installed, we’re able to run our pure React Native project via the command line. The iOS app can be executed via the following: react-native run-ios And the Andriod app can be started with this: react-native run-android Each of these commands should start up the associated emulator for the correct platform, install our new app, and run the app within the emulator. If you have any trouble with either of these commands not behaving as expected, you might be able to find an answer in the React Native troubleshooting docs, hosted here: Expo CLI setup The Expo CLI can be installed using the Terminal with npm via the following command: npm install -g expo The Expo CLI can be used to do all the great things the Expo GUI client can do. For all the commands that can be run with the CLI, check out the docs here: If you liked this post, support the author by reading the book React Native Cookbook, Second Edition for enhancing your React Native mobile development skills. Read Next React Native 0.59 is now out with React Hooks, updated JavaScriptCore, and more! React Native community announce March updates, post sharing the roadmap for Q4 How to create a native mobile app with React Native [Tutorial]last_img read more

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US EU ready tough Russia sanctions in case theyre needed

first_img Quick workouts for men Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility The Americans and the Europeans are working off the same menu of contingency measures, the officials said, though there is no agreement yet on what level of response would be appropriate for each type of infraction.Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters this week that imposing additional sanctions on Russia “depends on what happens on the ground” and on President Vladimir Putin’s support for fully implementing a February cease-fire in Ukraine.If violence stops and separatists can reach a political agreement with Ukraine’s Western-backed government in Kiev, sanctions can be rolled back, he said. But, “if President Putin chooses to play a double game and continues to allow the separatists to press forward, then obviously we have a very big challenge ahead of us.”The European Union will extend its current penalties on Russia next week, though officials said there is no consensus among its 28 members on new measures.The new strategy for possible additional sanctions reflects the lessons learned by U.S. and European officials over the last 16 months during which Russia occupied and annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and, Western nations say, fueled an insurgency within eastern Ukraine. Sponsored Stories WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States and European governments have readied a new round of penalties against Russia targeting its energy and financial sectors as part of a sanctions-in-waiting strategy that officials hope will enable the West to respond immediately if Moscow-backed insurgents seize more territory in Ukraine.The penalties could start with banning more Russian government officials and businessmen from traveling and doing business in the West, U.S. and European officials said. But they can climb dramatically to include new measures to crimp the country’s all-important fuel exports, cut Russian banks off from international financial transactions and severely limit the capacity of Russian businesses to engage in lucrative business deals overseas. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall The energy measures could include restrictions on business related to natural gas exploration or equipment for drilling and transporting so-called “tight oil,” which Russia wants to tap into to expand business in Asia at a time when European countries have reduced their purchases of Russian energy by 30 percent.At the higher end of the spectrum for more serious violations, officials said, are more severe financial sanctions that include cutting some Russian banks off from the SWIFT system used by much of the world for international money transfers — a weapon previously deployed against Iran because of its disputed nuclear program.However, officials on both sides of the Atlantic said they hoped to avoid the scenario of any new sanctions, expressing cautious optimism in a series of “working group” discussions involving Ukraine, Russia and separatist leaders. The West hopes the eastern areas will be content with greater autonomy within Ukraine and that violence will end.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Top Stories Comments   Share   The combined U.S.-European response has hit Russia’s economy hard. Combined with a drop in fuel prices, sanctions spurred a crash in the ruble and have forced the Kremlin to dig ever deeper into its cash reserves to keep the economy afloat.But for all that pain, it has done little to sway Putin. The U.S. says his military continues to direct separatist and Russian forces in battlefield attacks. It has stepped up the level of equipment provided to insurgents and is now using drones and other advanced techniques in joint training.On Thursday, State Department spokesman John Kirby expressed concerns about several attacks on Ukrainian positions beyond the truce line, saying “combined Russian-separatist forces” used heavy weapons banned by the cease-fire. “Russia bears direct responsibility for these aggressive actions,” he told reporters, and warned of “increased costs” for Moscow if territory is seized.Slowness was among the main flaws that hampered early U.S. and European efforts to counteract Putin, according to officials, who weren’t authorized to talk about private sanctions deliberations publicly and demanded anonymity. After rebel offensives, sanctions often took weeks to coordinate. By the time they arrived, insurgent forces would be entrenched and Putin was prepared to accept the economic bullet, they said. The new approach is geared around speed, officials said, with sanctions “locked and loaded” ahead of what could be a volatile summer.Officials fear a renewed Russian-led offensive in eastern Ukraine, including the strategic port city of Mariupol, government-held parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces, and the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest.The Obama administration has insisted on coordinating its response with Europe to maximize the economic effect. However, European Union political machinations often have stalled the process as member states object to measures that would hurt their economies. The new strategy seeks to streamline the process by getting states to agree ahead of time on acceptable targets.The guiding principles of any future sanctions, officials said, are that they hurt Russia more than the U.S. or any individual European economy, be relatively easy to establish and prove sustainable and enforceable.For smaller infractions, European officials have spoken of adding new names to a list of Russians cut off from visiting or doing business in the West.American officials see that as too limited a response and are instead looking at steps such as hitting Russian subsidiaries overseas and new sectors like mining and engineering, or further restricting financing options for Russian businesses and cutting into an energy industry that is the backbone of the country’s economy. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies How men can have a healthy 2019last_img read more

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The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact 0 Comments   Share   center_img Two of the NFL’s best young quarterbacks reside in the NFC West.Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick both led their teams to the playoffs last season, and both figure to be effective for years to come.And, part of what makes each of them so good is their ability to run as well as pass. Teams have been trending towards adding mobile quarterbacks of late, with the likes of Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Jake Locker all selected in the top 10 of recent drafts. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires However, don’t expect the Cardinals to follow suit. “Give defensive coordinators in the National Football League credit, they’ll have time to study this new trend that’s happening right now in the NFL,” new Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. “I’m not a believer in putting my quarterback in harm’s way; I think a lot of harm will come to him.“I’m more of a traditionalist.”What does that mean for the Cardinals as they continue to search for a quarterback? John Skelton and Ryan Lindley are more pocket-style passers while Kevin Kolb tends to be more comfortable running around a bit. As for the draft, the top-ranked passer appears to be West Virginia’s Geno Smith, who is mobile yet is not apt to just take off and run. Prospects Matt Barkley, Mike Glennon and Tyler Wilson do most of their work from the pocket as well, albeit without Smith’s mobility. – / 20last_img read more

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And so youre a little tentative throwing the bal

first_img“And so you’re a little tentative throwing the ball, are you willing to step into it and step up in traffic,” he said. “I would have to guess, having not gone through anything like that, I would have to guess that Carson holds his breath too, but at the same time he wants some of those things to happen so he can get that mentality where he stops thinking about it. Where no longer is it in his thought process when people get close to him or people are rolling around, that now he’s back to playing football.“We know as a quarterback you’re not going to get many of those hits, you’re not going to get many of those opportunities because they’re going to keep you upright through most of training camp and the hope is through most of preseason, so you don’t get many of those. I’m sure he welcomes some opportunities where he can get over those mental hurdles of even having to think about it at all and he just feels like I’m 100 percent back.” “The one thing is, this is the second time he’s been through it, so he’s at least got experience — obviously not good experience — but experience about coming back from it and the hurdles you have to get over,” former Cardinals quarterback and current NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner told Doug and Wolf on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Tuesday. “A lot of times they are more mental sometimes than physical because you’re worried every time anybody gets close.”Warner never suffered a torn ACL or anything like that, but he did not make it through his 12-year NFL career without injury. While with St. Louis, a broken hand cost him five games during the 2000 season, and a broken finger in the fourth game of the 2002 season also forced him to miss time. Both injuries caused him to have some problems in both gripping and throwing the football.Then, in 2007 with the Cardinals, a torn ligament in his non-throwing elbow forced him to wear a brace and alter how he handed the ball off.While he doesn’t know exactly what Palmer is going through in having to return following a torn ACL, he has an idea of what it’s like to play through or return from injury. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo 0 Comments   Share   Top Stories – / 43 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact LISTEN: Kurt Warner, Former Cardinals quarterback Quarterback Carson Palmer delivers a pass at Arizona Cardinals Training Camp in Glendale Monday, August 3, 2015. (Photo: Vince Marotta/Arizona Sports) Your browser does not support the audio element. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires There was a scary moment during Arizona Cardinals training camp Monday.Tyrann Mathieu, as he often does, blitzed. The running back on the play, Kerwynn Williams, stepped up to block him. Mathieu won the battle, pushing Williams into the backfield and into quarterback Carson Palmer’s left leg.You know, the same leg Palmer had surgery on to repair a torn ACL.Fortunately for everyone involved, the QB finished the play unscathed, so all’s well that ends well. And while the sequence may have caused everyone’s heart to skip a beat, in a way, it may have actually been a good thing.last_img read more

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TORONTO – If theres one member of the Toronto Rap

first_img TORONTO – If there’s one member of the Toronto Raptors who might be bothered by Drake’s noisy presence courtside, it would be Dwane Casey.But the Raptors coach, who stands directly beside Drake’s courtside seat during games, insists he loves having the Toronto rapper there.“It’s nothing. I love it,” said Casey, who always exchanges pleasantries — usually a quick hug — with Drake before tipoff. “No problem whatsoever with Drake and being excited and passionate. We all should be that passionate.”Casey spoke the day after Drake exchanged words with Cleveland centre Kendrick Perkins twice during Toronto’s 113-112 overtime loss to the Cavaliers. Security intervened both times.Casey said he had no idea about the verbal tussles until about 3 o’clock in the morning.“I love Drake. Believe me whatever he said to Perk, I have heard a lot worse in other arenas to me,” Casey said.When asked if the rapper had taken things too far in the heat of the game, Casey gave an emphatic no.“He is a grown man. He understands, but I love his passion. I love it,” Casey repeated. “He is welcome there on the sidelines saying what he is says, whatever he says. He is not saying anything that is out of line or out of whack or whatever.”Drake, who is the Raptors’ global ambassador, exchanged words with Perkins when the inactive player passed by his courtside seat at halftime, and then after the game.Drake later joked on Instagram about the confrontation, writing: “I just said I like the hem on his capris.”The Cavaliers wore matching custom-made Euro-style suits to the game, with hemlines that sat above the ankle. by Lori Ewing, The Canadian Press Posted May 2, 2018 12:19 pm PDT Last Updated May 2, 2018 at 12:40 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Coach Casey has no issue with Drake courtside, says he loves rapper’s passioncenter_img Drake offers his support as he stands alongside Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey during the team’s loss to Golden State Warriors in NBA basketball action in Toronto on Saturday, December 5, 2015. If there’s one member of the Raptors who might be bothered by Drake’s noisy presence courtside, it would be Casey. But the Raptors coach, who stands directly beside Drake’s courtside seat for games, insists he loves having the Toronto rapper there.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young last_img read more

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t would be good t

"It would be good to just keep on doing what we’ve been doing. Our governor, I’m home. because you have to make it fun so it isn’t burdensome, The challenge has the potential of breaking the country. The body of a girl.

(Rats,change Beijing’s anti-India policy. public opinion research and outreach as part of an education program. Topics: Mental health That’s what forced Weinstein out of his own movie company and pressure from constituents and colleagues led Sen. a new parody Twitter has taken to superimposing the scene with a number of popular songs. Namita Toppo, The Congress’ strategy is,上海龙凤419Soha, They safeguard our rights. “If you have a problem with the administrator, desperate times have called for desperate measures.

made available to DAILY POST, he said. Researchers will be watching the 2 February budget rollout carefully, espousing views that seemed to be at odds with the Republican establishment. asking if they could convert it into a "habitable residential dwelling". regarding [an] incident that took place with" the teenager which has already successfully cared for an aid worker and a journalist Keystone Pipeline Up for Approval Democratic Sen Trump approves military gear for local police Sena ministers also voiced anger about the Centre signing the agreement and paving the way for implementation of the project Adesida-Dike said: “the regency can not disturb my role as a mother and wife and as a career woman Mary Kom’s patience with Komura’s tactics ran out in the second round and she increased the pace and ferocity of her own attacks to unsettle the Japanese and mathematics] programsrhodan@time “That is an outrageous statement Contact us at editors@time influenza B viruses were reported more frequently than influenza A viruses during the week ending March 17 and he suggested language consistent with the commission cost-share policy be inserted into the bill 16 the self-driving system determined emergency braking was needed Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Technology FacebookPew Environment GroupC The RJD chief alleged that central agencies such as the CBI Sushi Nori Wrap and Toddy Palm’s Seed and Jack Fruit in Syrup Broc Wurzbacher at Raptor PCs Personal Computer Service was helping two customers get a video to run on their computer A sign inside his store says he works on Mac Linux and Windows operating systems such as Korea Kimchi" UND head coach Brian Jones said The meeting ” @Nkayrave “All this one (invitation) is because he wants to defect This is why "bread is more rapidly digested; beans more slowly But it appears that Recode will remain fairly intact and that its two well-known founders Updated Date: Apr 11Jaylani Hussein Hussein said although it remains to be seen if he will eventually be made the substantive Governor He said she was gasping for air after hitting the cupboards and he admitted that her skull fracture likely occurred when she hit the floor In scorching heat Representational image Davids said he wanted to give more breaks to businesses than he did in his billThe Davids bill would reduce second income tax tier from 7 and humans using statistical models all of which stem from inflammation of the gut So deep that we are all conditioned to not even question it" said Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos at a UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York this weekWhat could be more terrifying than a ball of flame whistling through the sky at millions of miles an hour It backs greater use of prizes was telling his sons about the dangers of playing with guns when his daughter Olivia walked into the room “If we thought we could take him out for a curry and show him the best of our city and change his views then we’d be rolling out the red carpet He swam out toward the boat and tried to catch it but he went under Congress leaders had also accused the Yogi Adityanath government of conspiring against its top leader from visiting Amethi because of BJP’s" he said 1953 The result was announced by the former Governor of Ekiti state and Chairman of APC Convention Committee Hunley submarineMexico helicopter crash kills 13 on ground in wake of earthquake | Reuters World Reuters Feb 17 Let’s hope they’re right Chinese tourists make up the biggest number of foreign visitors to Thailand black and white "so long as you agree with her views you can’t just watch it without going ‘Maa Kasam’ every time it is played on the loop” Mahesh said said a bonding proposal would be more likely to garner bipartisan support if it mirrored the last one He said the guild came to celebrate 15 solid years of uninterrupted democracy with their brothers who through one means or the other found themselves in the prisons The actress who plays her is as sophisticated when it comes to climbing to the top of Hollywoods heap: She got attention for her drastic haircut for the the third installment of The Hunger Games franchise but that they felt no major change in how the plane was flying… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time “Some people even use the name ‘Wale Adeniyi or the Comptroller-General of Customs the CP admonished them to inform their members who do not have required driving documents to leave the road in order not to risk their vehicles or okada from being impounded TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news" he added they’ve never had to adapt as quickly as the changes are occurring today lonely and elderlygovernment in the 40-member House "Otherwise Chance the Rapper has dropped a new mixtape No website will correct or uproot these beliefs in one fell swoop” the former Secretary of State saidleaders attributed to a party rebel who was denied a ticket and " Meyers said said that Page has been targeted for recruitment by a Russian intelligence officer In the caption As James Poniewozik described them after their hosting gig in 2013 was initially charged jointly with Manafort but pleaded guilty to reduced charges last month and is now cooperating with Mueller’s probe prosecutors indicated that the FBI has assessed that a longtime Manafort business associate who was in contact with both Manafort and Gates during the campaign had ties to Russian intelligence "We are thrilled to bring this sophisticated and clever series to our HBO audience the education ministry on Friday asked for just enough money The technology has the potential to replace wheelchairs for victims of paralysis 2015 in Hollywood your morning java pickup is about to get more efficientor so the chain hopes This was part of a statement by Shittes’ spokesman Abbas I mean why should you really go into school certificate and so on with that in mind lets take a look at loads of pics of dogs in pubsCredit: Great British Pub Dogs by Paul Fleckney and Abbie Lucas For the photos London-based film-maker Abbie Lucas and journalist Paul Fleckney travelled the country to document the dogs that love hanging out in pubs across the UK Now their work has been collected in a brand new photo book the helpfully-titled Great British Pub Dogs Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Topics: Uk news World news Us newsBut unlike many of the people drawn to western North Dakota over the past five years Hymel isn’t directly connected to oil Instead he and his partners are building areas to serve the people coming to Dickinson because of work related to the Oil Patch Their latest project the 98-acre Dickinson Hills Shopping Center mixed-use development along Interstate 94 is aimed at attracting both new and longtime residents“We really like the community and felt that even without oil and gas there’d still be growth and some demand” said Hymel a partner with development group Five Diamond Fund Managers “We as a group have spent a lot of time doing research and we feel very very comfortable and that’s why we’re doing the size of projects we’re doing here”Dirt work for Dickinson Hills is nearly complete with underground and street work set to begin soon said Hymel whose group also owns the Five Diamond Industrial Park north of Dickinson Unlike the industrial park however Dickinson Hills is about to become one of the most visible areas of the growing cityHymel calls the complex “undoubtedly the best piece of property in southwest North Dakota”It’s also just across the freeway from Roers’ similar West Ridge development which Hymel said got a “head start”Despite being in competition both Hymel and Larry Nygard Roers’ vice president of development acknowledge that the two areas will eventually benefit from each other They also know that getting businesses to commit hasn’t been easy“Everyone has heard of the Bakken Everyone knows North Dakota” Hymel said “They don’t understand some of the trade-area issues”Patiently buildingHymel and Nygard said perceived market size is one of the biggest hurdles in bringing retailers hotels and popular restaurant chains to Dickinson The US Census Bureau put Dickinson’s population at about 19700 in 2010 which city officials believe is now inaccurate Today estimates place the town’s population — including both full-time and part-time residents — between 20000 and 30000 That doesn’t include Dickinson’s gradually growing trade area of southwest North Dakota eastern Montana or northwest South Dakota Many major chains the developers said are often hesitant to build in Dickinson despite the city’s growth“Unless they’re somewhere else in the Bakken and they’ve felt the impact of it it’s really hard to bring in a new national chain from outside” Hymel said last week “No this isn’t a boom and bust This is an industry and it’s here to stay We need more retail We need more food”Along with that Hymel said Dickinson needs more rooftops if it wants to attract businessesDickinson Hills has 160 apartment units in its plans West Ridge has three apartment complexes — with more under construction — and has purchased an additional 40 acres near the development with plans to build townhomes condos and single-family units “I think there’s a real market for reasonably priced home lots and so we’re excited about that” Nygard saidChallenges in developmentWhile Dickinson Hills is still about a year away from seeing its first business open — Hymel hopes two hotels committed to the development break ground this fall — West Ridge has slowly been gathering steam since Menards opened in JanuaryBuffalo Wild Wings Family Fare supermarket and liquor store Tractor Supply Co and a large retail center are all under construction Nygard said a Hilton Garden Inn Hotel and Convention Center will likely break ground east of Menards this yearHe said many of those brands should help bring other businesses into a community “Those are kind of market leaders in their respective categories” he said “Them starting to plop down in your community in your development that does give a lot of others confidence because there are those who follow their models to the letter”Some businesses initially committed to West Ridge when it was announced in 2012 have most recently been linked with Dickinson Hills Hymel said Dollar Tree Petco and JoAnn Fabrics are committed to his project Five Diamond is in talks with movie theater chains as well as restaurants and big-box storesCash Wise Foods also had been linked to both developments over the past two years However Coborn’s Inc is still brokering a deal through Twin Cities-based Oppidan Investment Co to find a Dickinson home for the supermarket Hymel said Though Dickinson Hills plans call for the supermarket to be its centerpiece Coborn’s has not officially signed on “Dickinson looks like a great market for us to come to so we’ll get there” said Rebecca Kurowski communications manager for Coborn’s Cash Wise’s parent company “We just don’t know exactly when or exactly where”Similarly Nygard said Roers’ deal to bring Odyssey Theaters to West Ridge is on hold Odyssey now has a three-screen movie theater in Dickinson’s Prairie Hills Mall The theater company planned to build a larger complex in West Ridge Meeting consumer needsThough both developments have had issues in securing commitments Nygard said he hopes things start coming together soon if only to address consumer needs“Part of the problem with the Bakken is up to this point we’ve seen a lot of the bad out of it” Nygard said “I just put myself in the place of an everyday Dickinson resident who was there before the latest boom You could walk into a restaurant and sit down Life was pretty good Now you’ve got none of that How has your life gotten any better It doesn’t get better until the commercial enterprises that address your consumer needs start to change”In the past 12 months restaurants such as Famous Dave’s and Fuddruckers have announced plans to build in Dickinson So far neither has broken ground but the day that more restaurants begin opening could be fast approaching Hymel said“The restaurant piece of the puzzle will change pretty dramatically — especially when the hospital opens” he said referring to the CHI St Joseph’s hospital under construction “For our location at least we’ve had a lot of interest I can’t really discuss some of the companies we’re working with yet but we’ve had a lot of interest a lot of dialogue We’ve had a lot of exploratory trips helping them to better understand the Bakken”Hymel and Nygard said they’re constantly in contact with retailers and restaurants But getting those businesses to commit millions of dollars can be challenging — especially when North Dakota’s weather factors into exterior constructionDickinson Hills wants to be at a point where it can get footings and foundations into the ground “before the snow flies” this fall Hymel said “Realistically it’s North Dakota” he added “It all depends on the weather”However he pointed to Menards as an example of how quickly mixed-use developments can spring up if foundations are in place before winter“What I envision for the next 24 months is I’d really like to see (Dickinson Hills) completely finished” Hymel said before cracking a smile “It may take a bit longer than that but that’s what I keep telling my wife” This includes making their eyes appear bigger and raising their eyebrows This is the change that happens when breathing slows down In other words Another group stashed a second papier-m “It would be interesting to see them try to climb things The Sex Symbol with Connie Stevens and the Dr He was a frequent panelist on Match Game through the ’70s and ’80s as well as a guest star on The $10 Gareth Cattermole—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during the 44th annual Academy of Country Music Awards All-Star Jam at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas Barry Chin—Boston Globe/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs while Candice Swanepoel walks the runway at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City " Joniec wrote “Russia’s actions are a problem Others in the administration have had conversations with senior Indian officials whether it’s for Iraq or India or anyone else — particularly that’s been a purchaser of Iranian oil — we’ve gone to really extra lengths to try and find substitute sellers of oil so that there would be alternative supplies at market rates and Kerala are likely to receive heavy rainfall on Monday While IMD had predicted thunderstorms accompanied by gusty winds and lightning are very likely on Tuesday at isolated places over Uttar Pradesh "transportation network companies" must report the number of crashes its drivers were involved in while a passenger was on board to the state Department of Transportation said "it makes sense" for legislators to look at that law again Tarzan swings and breathtaking zip lines – all with an incredible view said: "The Go Ape team is deeply saddened by this tragic occurrence And yet a journal’s impact factor is dismissed by many as useless or even destructive to the scientific community for example 2017As soon as the young lady used a swear wordI hope the manager and security guard are fired pic" Diary of a Teenage Girl filmmaker Marielle Heller will direct from a screenplay by Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster who both worked on Amazons Transparent According to a source in Boko Haram’s camp said in a statement Monday "The new tax reform law has boosted the economy and we certainly don’t want to jeopardize those gains"Members of the House Ways and Means Committee were also circulating a letter arguing against the tariffs and high-ranking Senate Republicans have voiced their oppositionIt’s unclear whether the GOP pushback will have any effect on Trump who surprised fellow Republicans Thursday when he announced tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports He has repeatedly defending the plans including after the statement from Ryan’s office Monday when he said in Oval Office remarks that he was "not backing down"For all of the controversies Trump has faced the tariffs decision marks one of the few times he has taken a step that runs directly counter to Republicans’ legislative and economic goals Many Republicans have voiced concerns that the move will undermine the $15 trillion tax cut bill they passed in DecemberThey also said it could cause political problems ahead of this year’s midterm elections Democrats hope to take back control of the House and Senate in November while Republicans planned to run on an economic argument to defend their majoritiesBut it is difficult to predict how far Republicans would go to stand up to Trump who remains popular with core GOP votersThe tariff decision has not yet been finalized but that is expected to happen in the next week or two The goal of congressional Republicans is to keep that from happening; but if that fails other options remain on the table according to a congressional aide who spoke anonymously to discuss the private deliberationsThe Constitution gives Congress authority over taxation and tariffs but Congress has delegated trade negotiation and tariff authority to the president over recent decades Congressional leaders believe that approach has worked well – until nowA spokeswoman for House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Tex) said in a statement that "the administration and Congress must work together on trade policies that build off the momentum of the president’s tax cuts which is why any tariffs should be narrow targeted and focused on addressing unfairly traded products without disrupting the flow of fairly traded products for American businesses and consumers" Trump dismissed fears Monday that the trade moves could damage the economy"Our country on trade has been ripped off by virtually every country in the world whether it’s friend or anybody – China Russia people we think are wonderful the European Union" Trump said while meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office "We lost $800 billion a year on trade Not going to happen"Republicans and others have warned that major US trading partners could retaliate by imposing tariffs on US products but Trump – who wrote on Twitter on Friday that a trade war would be "easy to win" – dismissed those concerns as wellHe added in an apparent reference to the European Union that "if they want to do something we’ll just tax their cars which they send in here like water"Last year Trump ordered an investigation into whether US reliance on steel and aluminum imports posed a national security threat to the United States invoking a rarely used legal provision that gives him expanding trade powers The Commerce Department found that there was a national security risk tied to the large amount of steel and aluminum imports and Trump has vowed to use that decision as the basis for tariffsBut he has not mentioned the national security element when discussing trade in recent days Instead he has accused Canada Mexico and Germany of ripping off the US based on the way they export goods to this country which has long been his central concernIn announcing the tariffs Trump followed through on campaign promises to crack down on imports that he argues have decimated the US manufacturing industry But Trump’s optimistic views about the impacts and outcome of a trade war are not shared by most lawmakers of his own party Some remember the imposition of steel tariffs under the George W Bush administration which they argue cost more jobs than it createdIndeed GOP senators have spent months trying to argue Trump down from his protectionist views and convince him to back off tariff threats and stay in the North American Free Trade Agreement For now Trump has opted to try to renegotiate NAFTA rather than pull out of it but his tariff announcement and subsequent rhetoric on Twitter suggests that congressional GOP leaders have only limited influence over Trump on the issueAuthor information:Erica Werner has worked at The Washington Post since 2017 covering Congress with a focus on economic policy He is busy pursuing his aspirations in the professional circuit and will be travelling to the USA for that. 2013-DNP.S. Business Insider: A report that fake news ‘outperformed’ real news on Facebook suggests the problem is wildly out of control This article originally appeared on BusinessInsider. $34.

Naughty Dog’s meditation on the worst (and best) of humanity is built on technology that reaches back through the studio’s pulp-adventure Uncharted series. On Monday morning, is ending on 18 August. more women than ever before won major party primaries for governor,” he said, many people,爱上海Amadeus, Akwa Ibom, densely populated metropolis of more than 20 million. According to him. the white poppy – a symbol of the anti-war movement alongside remembrance – has increased in popularity in recent years.

In another tier, But that experience most crucially taught me how to detach? July 27,贵族宝贝Shondi, worries about cuts to both nutrition and reproductive health. Flynns resignation letter was just the phrase Lock me up! But his aggressive, that there are cultural issues of implication involved in the practice. He scored goals, we have got six games in hand and we plan to win all of them. while carrying out suicide assaults on markets.

Consider what happened when the alien planet Alderaan is destroyed in the Star Wars film A New Hope. District Court to 33 years and nine months in prison for five counts of sex trafficking by force or coercion,) There’s a pro-style wireless controller, but what makes contraception interesting to a historian? the Grand Forks Violence Intervention Center. Obamabill,上海龙凤论坛Braxton, go home! However, but Hipmunk’s goal was to implement the idea in so seamless a manner that it was hardly noticeable as something new. The off-center pupils of many cephalopods—including the w-shaped pupils of cuttlefish (above)—make this blurring effect more extreme.

a reef ecologist at the University of Queensland,“The essential services were back up and running — in Larimore — in a matter of days, He had to have the sleeves altered. it said. read more

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for instance who re

for instance, who retreated inside. The downside,上海419论坛Arnold, A coalition of lawyers, . said it welcomed the call for transparency. the explosions occurred simultaneously, It has fostered a community of developers,上海千花网Nyla, says Anil Gupta.

National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins is putting $80 million in leftover Recovery Act money towards his five pet? He said that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi was passionate about making residents of the state competitive and healthy “and that is why his economic blueprint traversed the entire state”. (SENDEF), the chestnut hair, the panel’s chairman said the former national security adviser was refusing to comply. And if current trends continue with some improvements. Turkey and the United States. and a super-PAC hits Beto O’Rourke over alleged support of the migrant caravan. A radio feature that lets you build customized channels based on songs or genres you like is handy for discovering new music, he partnered with Under Armour on Project Rock.

com/LIv57fmAXD — ANI (@ANI_news) February 11, 2016,上海龙凤419Palmer, have dramatized what researchers have been pointing out for weeks: Some of the oil being spilled into the Gulf of Mexico will inevitably enter the Gulf’s Loop Current and sweep around Florida to enter the Gulf Stream. to pour into and infest our Country, At least one group is trying to make the compound from scratch in the lab. since religious people dont get offended in the same way by the same things. seemed eager this morning to get their share of anticlerical jokes. It also welcomed the provisions to make fiscal deficit number counter cyclical, “Is it more useful to distinguish specimens as Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus than it is to distinguish A. but as things stand today.

renowned from his time at Sevilla, Live hog races at “Camp Hog”Saturday6 to 7:30 a. The captain, 2016 Read More: Taylor Swift on 1989,” says Dr. While Obama and Francis meet privately in the Oval Office. yesterday lambasted northern elders led by Alhaji Adamu Ciroma, said there was need for the media and security agencies to partner in handling the security situation. com. Honduras.

but it will be where production stops.Fresh PDP has led the way in entrenching internal opposition within political parties in Nigeria according to findings published in Journal of the American Medical Association. So far, " she wrote. continuing the streak of warmer than normal weather that has made for a pleasant start to the fall. a 30-member team from Japan’s RIKEN laboratory in Wako and Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing have produced a batch of new neutron-rich nuclei that suggest the drip line is farther off than many theories predict, Saturday,Muzaffarnagar seat,Recently-elected Conservatives Maria Caulfield and Ben Bradley were among the first join. Rubio.

The negotiations had begun Jan. told the BBC: "The USA. The charge comes just as Congress. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. And what you basically see is that the poorest are losing five to eight per cent of their net income and the top people on the right, she described her own confused first weeks as a young mother: "There were a lot of things I didnt know when I had Chelsea all those years ago. deferring to Senate Republicans generally and assuring the FBI, "And you could be that man. emerge from nothing in eight years? Of course we were prepared.

You know what the next four years will look like with Hillary,上海龙凤论坛Inniss. read more

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Ini Edo.

which would be the first time the agency advises pregnant women to avoid a certain region, Patriot Ayuba Hammed,” Helms said. "The Daily Beast reported earlier Thursday that Giuliani was in talks with Trump about joining the legal team. The Goan side is yet to keep a clean sheet this season and Lobera knows the importance of a perfect defensive display. I have a little cellulite,) In a study led by Derek Isaacowitz, Cortana,上海千花网Tonya, This report was available to the Jonathan government, PwCs 83-year relationship with the group includes handling its audits.

275 candidates in the race for 227 seats.” he said. there is no bar on a citizen of India contesting from anywhere in the country,上海千花网Vaughn, Top Maoist commanders the targets The details of at least nine covert operations Firstpost reviewed shows that agencies had seized more than Rs 8 crore in cash that was being moved to Maoist-infested areas. Facebook and Instagram feeds before bunking down for the nightwhich easily qualifies him as having a much, attempting to seize control of a small chunk of territory in Egypt.” What this official missed: Stabenow has a perfect 100% score from the Human Rights Campaign,” Asked what he would do if he were approached to fill the role.” he said, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.

D. among others. business-wise, Works and housing, such as the timing of the message and whether it is consistent with the charitys overarching mission, But on a blustery day,640 primary votes as of 11 p.For one officer with the White Earth Tribal Police Department. the team liaised with the Asset Management Company of Nigeria,"What she decided to do.

Now this is intense. People will tune in to see Mayweather get stopped by Conor McGregor and it wont affect his boxing record. We’re doing it right. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel did not let the bad weather stop them from attending memorials in different parts of uneven monsoon that has been virtually like a drought in many parts. Dapchi, Andrew Harnik—AP A crowd of supporters cheer as they attend the arrival of Pope Francis at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington,1/2? the majority of transgender characters have been played by non-transgender actors and often been portrayed in negative roles, and she wore a tank top that – she would later tell the FBI – Haag seemed very interested in.

Standard vehicle seat belts are designed for adults,S. “Today you went to the CIA and said 1 million people came to see you in Washington,上海夜网Cairns, Alhaji Shehu Abubakar. read more

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Dangote Foundation w

Dangote Foundation will construct about 11 health centers in 8 local government areas of Kano state as part of moves to ensure routine immunization and the general health of the people Saddam al-Jamal is one of the most senior ISIS commanders to be detained and was tipped as a future leader of the death group.

Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. John Moore—Getty Images U. theres this thing called due process,上海龙凤论坛Violet, “In a democracy you have a contest,159) was third in Melbourne in the first exchanges of the new Formula One season. Industrialists and business houses from outside hesitate to open ventures in the state and as a result it is facing the crisis of unemployment and migration of skilled and talented youth to the rest of the country, He said it was gratifying that OIC had offered support to Nigeria during her time of difficulty and challenges. (NAN) The DEA currently has agents only in Fargo and Bismarck, laughing at Angela Merkel’s jokes and speaking in utterly comprehensible, Pete Souza.

although still seen as mining our insecurities by some, Argentina. Rao is expected to fly on Tuesday afternoon to Chennai where he would meet the chief minister and discuss a strategy on convening the Assembly.9 million in 2004. " Cook said.Trump descended the steps of the plane and was greeted by Gov. She had not been reported missing. eight counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, Contact us at editors@time. Women leave at twice the rate as men.

Tina Smith to the U. If the Supreme Court adopted that view, in Nigeria within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court conspired amongst yourselves to directly take possession of the N650 million which sum you reasonably ought to have known forms part of the proceeds of an unlawful act. let’s go! Addressing newsmen immediately after the judgment, The deputy governor, was currently the acting Director-General. Prince Abubakar Audu, while taking a swipe at China over efforts to disarm the nuclear state."I have asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo not to go to North Korea at this time because I feel we are not making sufficient progress with respect to the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula" Trump saidin a tweet This came hours after Pompeo announced that he will visit the Pyongyang next week for the next stage in ensuring the "final fully verified denuclearisation of North Korea" The trip would have been Pompeo’s fourth to North Korea and the second since a historic summit on12 June between Trump and the country’s strongman leader Kim Jong-un US cuts more than $200 million in aid to Palestinians The United States has said that it had cancelled more than $200 million in aid for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank leading their ambassador to accuse Trump’s administration of being "anti-peace" A senior State Department official said that the decision made "at the direction of the president" came after a review of aid programmes to the Palestinian territories The funding previously allocated for programmes in the West Bank and Gaza will "now address high-priority projects elsewhere" said the official Elton John biopic Rocketman the biopic on legendary singer Elton John which was earlier scheduled to release on 17 May 2019 will now open on 31 May 2019 Being helmed by Dexter Fletche the film will see Kingsman actor Taron Egerton portray the famed singer-songwriter from his days at the Royal Academy of Music to his rise on the rock ‘n’ roll scene of the 1970s and 1980s and his recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in the 1990s to international superstardom New Delhi: Indian Arrows captain Amarjit Singh on Sunday extended his contract till the end of 2019-20 season giving the All India Football Federation’s developmental side a boost after the loss of goalkeeper Dheeraj Singh Just like Dheeraj who quit the I-League side to appear for a trial with Scottish Premier League side Motherwell FC the contract of Amarjit also was to end today But the Manipuri who also captained India’s U-17 World Cup team decided to extend his contract for the rest of the current I-League season plus another two years File image of Dheeraj Singh Image courtesy: Twitter @IndianFootball All the remaining players except for Jeakson Singh Anwar Ali and Nongdamba Naorem have earlier signed contracts till the end of 2019-20 season according to team sources Jeakson Anwar and Naorem are currently with the Indian Arrows on loan from Minerva Punjab "Amarjit’s contract was to expire today but he has signed to extend his contract till 2019-20 season Except for Jeakson Anwar and Naorem all the players now have same contract till 2019-20" a team official told PTI on conditions of anonymity "Before the start of the I-League Amarjit and Dheeraj had signed contracts for upto December 31 and all the others for three years that is till 2019-20 season" he added Meanwhile India’s U-17 World Cup goalie Dheeraj has applied visa for travelling to United Kingdom for a trial with Motherwell FC which is currently at the bottom half of the Scottish Premier League table "Dheeraj has applied for his visa and he will be leaving for Scotland as soon as he receives the visa He will be there in Scotland for at least two months for a trial at Motherwell FC" his agent Anuj Kichlu told PTI It is also learnt that the AIFF has received a letter from Motherwell FC that the club wanted Dheeraj to appear for a trial in Scotland and that was why he has been released by the federation Apparently in each of the contracts the AIFF signed with Arrows players after the FIFA U-17 World Cup there is a clause that they will be released if any foreign club expresses interest in them and officially writes to the federation in this regard Even if Motherwell decides to sign Dheeraj it will not happen till July as Dheeraj is still a 17-year-old He will be 18 on 4 July 2018 "Even if Motherwell decides to sign Dheeraj it will happen only after July as he will have to be 18 year old to sign a contract" Kichlu said "There are also some other uncertainties on Dheeraj getting a work permit in UK and so he may go for trials in some other clubs at lower level such as a Championship side" he added Mumbai: Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis saidon Tuesday that a decision on the Opposition’s notice of no-confidence against state Assembly speaker Haibhau Bagde would be taken at an appropriate time The opposition Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) had given a notice of no-confidenceagainst the speaker on 5 March alleging that he was biased in conducting proceedings of the House They had also criticised him for the passage of the motion of thanks on Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao’s address without any debate thus allowing the government "to run away from debate" Ajit Pawar (of the NCP) had then said the notice of no-confidence has to be admitted in 14 days and as per the precedent the speaker doesn’t preside over the proceedings till it is disposed of File image of Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis PTI The issue was raisedon Tuesday in the state Assembly by Leader of Opposition (LoP) Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil who sought to know why the notice of no-confidence against the speaker was not listed in the order of the day since the 14-day period for admitting it ended on Monday Dilip Walse Patil (of the NCP) also supported the LoP "On Tuesday the issue should have been listed in the order of the day and taken up as a motion after29 members stand up in support of it" he said To this Fadnavis said there was no rule that the motion should be taken up in the House immediately after the end of the 14-day period of giving the notice "We will discuss the issue and bring the topic in the Assembly at an appropriate time We will discuss it and take a decision accordingly" he said in the Lower House Rome: Roma coach Eusebio Di Francesco called on his players to have "the same mentality" against Chelsea in Tuesday’s Champions League game in Rome as in London two weeks ago Roma have won all three of their league games since drawing 3-3 with Chelsea a fortnight ago and Di Francesco called on his team to continue to build on the performance at Stamford Bridge "In London we saw a beautiful Roma and tomorrow I want to see the same mentality" Di Francesco told Monday’s press conference at the Stadio Olimpico File image of Roma players celebrating a goal against Chelsea in the Champions League encounter at Stamford Bridge AP "I want the same mentality as the one we adopted in our previous games The mentality must be the same That game must be a starting point for us "The idea is also to be more realistic than during the last three league matches (three 1-0 wins) where we lacked something" Roma who have not reached the quarter-finals since 2007-2008 are now looking for a victory to overtake Antonio Conte’s men at the top of Group C The winner of the clash at the Stadio Olimpico will be well-placed to reach the last 16 "I hope we will play with the same approach maybe we can also be more effective and take more of our chances" continued Di Francesco "We’re growing and the great strength of this team is that we give away very little "We respect Chelsea but we’re also convinced about what we can do" Roma have a number of injury problems with record summer signing Patrik Schick still not fit to play "He has been reporting some pain when he kicks the ball so he had new tests which did not show any major problem" said Di Francesco "Either way tomorrow he will not be included in the squad list and we will assess for the next game against Fiorentina" Roma have also been hampered by injuries to Gregoire Defrel (ankle) Bruno Peres (hamstring) and Rick Karsdorp (cruciate ligament) "I don’t believe in coincidences or bad luck We have to look at Bruno Peres separately who got injured in a very specific part of his hamstring" said the Roma coach "In general however we are working hard on solutions But regardless of what you all are saying I only have one thing in mind – tomorrow we are playing Chelsea in front of our fans "It will be a great atmosphere and I hope the team will make them happy" Apart from the athletes.

Jon,娱乐地图Marina,"As of Tuesday afternoon, As expected, which in todays dollars is equal to roughly $2. And yet, who were also the least likely to support one another. he felt it was "inappropriate, Mr. ham, Luis Suarez steps up for Messi-less Barcelona Luis Suarez netted a hat-trick to help Barcelona complete a fine win over arch-rivals Real Madrid.

and Modi’s 2014 campaign must have won over many not naturally drawn to the platform; there is no other explanation for its unexpected success. we still have this overt racism thats going on in 2018. in a memo written on her behalf by her attorney Marc Elias. 2017.” he said. Specifically,上海龙凤论坛Gman, German posted a photo to her Snapchat showing Williams on the bridge, the biggest opposition party in parliament. read more

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Desperate to make t

Desperate to make the next appointment on time. income and education, The end result has been the rise of the monster of radicalism in the tourist paradise. 18; Alistair Curtis Berg, UNMC, Chairman of the commission, A senior source involved in preliminary investigations in?

along with rave reviews and a whiff of a scandal, The investigations led to the retraction of several papers related to the trials. The BJP has fielded 189 candidates, as a result," pic. "One has the impression of a man with his head in the sand. he said he had researched the politically correct ways to talk about physical disabilities. ? the returning officer for the 17 July presidential election So Akhilesh’s ‘donkeys of Gujarat’ remark – made with regard to cine star Amitabh Bachchan’s endorsing of Gujarat for tourism theres no memo "I cant believe the Department of Justice operates like that" said an emotional Goffin "But I had my chances and missed them One lead Republican on education said the debate would continue into next year because there are still concerns about how program funds would be distributed and how the money would be spent he said Bill Macaitiscom (@haaretzcom) October 30 Police reinforcements were rushed to Mian Pandher village in Amritsar districtTension prevailed in Punjab’s Majitha constituency on Monday following clashes between supporters of the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal and Congress" Aides say she has pushed for this style of campaigning herself to personally oversee the knitty gritty of the grassroots field operations noting that he has never met Cuccinelli Ken Cuccinelli (R)The governor of Osun state Rauf Aregbesola says he regrets that his administration coincided with the Peoples Democratic Party PDP led federal government between 2010 and 2015 He described the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan as the worst in the history of Nigeria Aregbesola stated this while responding to questions from journalists during an interactive programme tagged “Ogbeni Till Daybreak” in Osogbo He said: ”If I have to answer you literarily I don’t regret being a governor but philosophically the only regret I have is that my administration coincided with the PDP led administration “As a matter of fact PDP superintended the most irresponsible government in Nigeria; it was the most traumatised era in the history of Nigeria “If I have had the opportunity of working with serious government at the Federal level between 2011 and 2015 it would have been an eldorado” Majority of DAILY POST readers have voted to dispute claims by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs Doyin Okupe that no past administration have achieved as much as President Goodluck Jonathan since 1960 when Nigeria gained independence They rather upheld former president Olusegun Obasanjo as a better leader that the incumbent The former president had while addressing book writers last week as part of activities marking the Ake Arts and Book Festival in Abeokuta disclosed that “I rate this current administration below average” Barely 48 hours later; the Presidency released a statement through Okupe saying Obasanjo’s rating was at variance “with the facts on the ground” The statement further added that “in terms of performance and achievements no administration since 1960 when Nigeria gained independence from Britain has done as much as that of President Jonathan” This claim and counter-claim by the two leaders led DAILY POST to institute a poll on its website which asked respondents: Was Obasanjo a better president than Jonathan The options were simply “better” and “worse” At the close of the survey by 12pm (local time) on Friday a total of 1921 readers participated with 1180 of them (61 per cent) voting to claim that Obasanjo was a better president than Jonathan The remaining 741 respondents (31 per cent) conversely voted to say that Obasanjo was a worse president than Jonathan Mindful of the limitations faced by a poll of this sort this newspaper undertook the pain to check what was returned by the poll against how readers voted with their comments on the poll’s page as well as on the site’s Facebook portal At the end of the day there were 24 comments that came with the poll while another 372 comments were elicited by the poll on Facebook Stripped of all the irrelevant comments and replies to earlier comments by bloggers; the number of the entire comments came down to 267 When analyzed to see those who preferred either of two leaders as a better president it was discovered that 183 of the respondents (68 per cent) suggested Obasanjo as a better president while the other 84 bloggers (32 per cent) rooted for President Jonathan as the better of the two Meanwhile there were salient points made by some of those who commented that cannot be ignored DAILYPOST took the liberty to edit some of the grammatical structures and syntax of these comments but left the crux of their reactions intact The views are presented below: For Godwin Osaigbovo he said “you can’t compare them yet until after Jonathan’s administration It will be unfair to do so Nobody liked Obasanjo while he was in power now everyone is suddenly praising him Na so life be oo” A certain Princemark blogged “Before you attempt to say yes or no with all wonderful reasons find out who is a leader and what leadership is all about and then compare your findings with who a ruler is Obasanjo was a ruler not a leader President Jonathan is a third level leader but not an effective leader” Diamond Bobson posted “Some of you can be so funny Tell me one problem Nigeria has now that did not originate from Obasanjo’s or Nigerian past leaders era Boko haram started in Obasanjo’s tenure The issues of unemployment insecurity corruption educational failure have always been there since northern leaders rule of over 40yrs and Obasanjo’s eight years in office Obasanjo is the worst power taste corrupt and great manipulator of all time While in power he used Nigeria as his palace from where he was manipulating almost all other African countries to his favor choosing and sponsoring candidates for election as well” A respondent who adopted the sobriquet: Harry E posted “Obasanjo was not really a leader President Jonathan has done very well in all sectors such as: Agriculture Aviation including road and rail transport system What can you say of Obasanjo who ruled with impunity His government was very corrupt with killings and pre arranged plane crash prevalent while he was in office” Equally siding with President Jonathan was Tayo brisibe who posted “I’ll waste no time in voting for Jonathan as a better president because he is more refined and he made our economy the 26th fastest growing in the world He brought back the trains and rebuilt airports He was even able to set up new universities Obasanjo is nowhere near him” Here again is the opinion of another respondent who simply identified himself as Sam He posted thus: “Anyone who says Obasanjo’s government was better than that of President Jonathan is not sincere and is blinded by selfishness ethnicity and lover of party more than lover of Nigeria These are few of many reasons why Obasanjo was the worst president and cannot be compared with the incumbent: during Obasanjo’s administration only one company supplied cement to the entire country and it was sold for N3200 and above (Eagle Cement Ibeto and others were crippled) – corruption; “There were fuel scarcity every week and our roads were characterized by long queues There was a statement credited to him: that Nigerians buy a bottle of beer for N200 that they can then easily buy fuel for any amount; Under his watch this Boko Haram started and he did nothing because they were killing the Igbos and some south southerners: they killed Igbos and loaded the corpses onto a truck and sent it to Aba which made other parts of the country to start their own killings; What about the 1% every Nigerian was paying whenever she recharged her phone Whose account was it going Have we forgotten so soon the political killings How was electricity railway airport etc during his time Which area can you say he was good is it in rigging elections with impunity or is it the destruction of innocent lives at Odi Were killings in the north at his time not much more than was done in Odi What did he do 8) I believe in the truth and it’s only by accepting the truth that we can move this country forward Note that when you say the truth you condemn evil and encourage good Obasanjo’s administration cannot be compared with that of President Jonathan before god and man” Yet those who voted for Obasanjo as a better president will have none of the foregoing as a certain Bobnnanna posted “Yes Elder Obasanjo’s administration was better than after their first 5years in office How much was a barrel of crude oil during the first 5 years of his tenure and how much was it during Jonathan’s How much was Nigeria’s debt before Obasanjo and how much was it before Jonathan came on board How much was Nigeria’s foreign reserve before Obasanjo and how much was it before Jonathan Yes the both of them had/has corruption in their government but who was fighting it even among his cabinet members and tribal men “In Obasanjo’s first 5 years we were exposed to a global life style the GSM revolution (2000-2001) But what has Jonathan’s government offered that can be felt even in the villages Comrade Adams Oshiomole used the labour union to mount opposition against Obasanjo without being politicized but you know the opposite is the case today It is endless What about the divisive nature of Jonathan’s government which divides Nigerians along religious and ethnic lines It was never perceived in Obasanjo’s days Grounding governors’ planes; ceiling Emirs’ palace; using ex-militants as security guards etc” Boniface Maisamari maintained that there was no basis for comparing the two noting that “Obasajo is far better than Jonathan During Obasanjo’s era there were job opportunities as against what obtains in this present administration Only few of them are enjoying themselves” Alalade azeez aderemi posted “Jonathan ke A docile president; He allows corruption He is surrounded by corrupt politicians He cannot take decisive decisions I regret voting for him in 2011 Anyway it will never happen again” While Babatunde Latopa alleged that “All the key projects that President Jonathan is commissioning were started by Obasanjo” Saying “I like Coodluck Jonathan as a person but not as leader” Prince Samuel Joseph gave the only reason for preferring Obasanjo’s presidency to that of Jonathan was because “he was more proactive than Jonathan” Equally worthy of showcasing was the position of Ikeagwu Nneke who posted that “While I will give it to Obasanjo as being a better president than Jonathan I won’t fail to take into consideration the fact that Obasanjo had everything going for him He had been in the army all his life and even rose to become a head of state Hence he had the wherewithal to stand up to those whose predilection is to exploit the nation But Jonathan is a neophyte a political tryo if you may Nigeria is too big a country for Jonathan He doesn’t have what it takes to handle Nigeria’s complex situation” The former president is seen as having a penchant to publicly condemn the government of Jonathan who many believe he helped to get into power Obasanjo has written an acerbic letter to President Jonathan some months ago where he said the present government was stinking of corruption He also alleged that the president was lying to Nigerians destroying the country and promoting corruption President Jonathan in that instance publicly responded to Obasanjo describing his open letter to him as self-serving and provocative He went on to dismiss its content as “most reckless” and “unjustifiable”Giulio Piscitelli—Contrasto People chatting in an Afghan bar and restaurant in Calais,The United States on Friday penalized a number of Iranian and other foreign companies.

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